David Auer, Founder and CEO of Auer Tax Group Tells Taxpayers They Don’t Have to Be Rats to Get an IRS Payday

Founder and CEO of Auer Tax Group, author and Premier Tax Expert, David Auer, relates details of the IRS Whistleblower Program and the enormous payouts to tax cheat snitches, while assuring readers there is a better way.

Tulsa, OK – March 24, 2016 – David Auer, recognized Premier Tax Expert and Founder/CEO of Auer Tax Group posted a new article on the company website entitled Hey, Snitch, Rat, Stool Pigeon, There’s Money to Be Made with the IRS.” While it may appear to be a recruitment ad for unsavory characters, Mr. Auer’s latest article is anything but that. On the contrary, Auer proposes a solid tax plan as opposed to criminal activity.

David AuerAuer writes, “Anyone who’s ever watched a gangster movie knows there’s nothing worse than a rat, a snitch or a stoolpigeon. In Martin Scorsese’s classic mob saga Goodfellas, Henry Hill rats out his partners in crime to get a reduced sentence — then pays the heavy price of having to “live like a schnook” in the witness protection program. But, at least he got to live.”

According to Auer, “Now, there’s one place where rats with the right kind of information can earn big, fat rewards. In one case one rat snitch got over $100 million. And that’s with our friends at the IRS.”

“Congress established the IRS Whistleblower Office in 2006,” writes Auer, “to see if cold hard cash could motivate tipsters to rat out tax cheats. (Spoiler alert: It works.)” He continues adding, “The program pays rewards ranging from 15% to 30% of taxes, penalties, and interest the IRS collects in cases with $2 million or more at stake. Last week, the office released its 2015 annual report — and business is booming.”

According to the report, says Aueri, “In 2015, the office closed out 10,615 claims. Nearly all of them wound up getting rejected. The allegations weren’t specific enough or they were “speculative in nature.” (53%) the IRS was already investigating the target; (11%) the amounts involved didn’t meet the $2 million threshold (10%); or the statute of limitations for actually collecting more tax had expired or was too close (7%).”

Even so, says Auer, “99 whistleblowers took home rewards totaling over $103 million. That’s a big payday. Since 2007, the program has paid $403 million in awards and collected over $3 billion in taxes.”

The entire article can be read at http://www.premiertaxexpert.com/hey-snitch-rat-stool-pigeon-theres-money-to-be-made-with-the-irs/

About David Auer

With over 30 years of experience, David Auer is the Founder and CEO of Auer Tax Group, a national tax consulting firm, Blue Ocean Strategies, a business strategic planning group, and The Advanced Planning Group, a collaboration of multidisciplinary advisors focused on tax, estate, asset protection, and business succession strategies for successful business owners, professionals, and high net worth families.  He is also a founding member of Financial Gravity Law, a division of Financial Gravity®.

David is a frequent speaker, is recognized as one of America’s Premier Experts®, is on the adjunct faculty of Asset Protection Corporation founded by internationally acclaimed asset protection attorney Robert Lambert, LLM in Taxation, Esq., and is the author or co-author of several books, including 57 Ways to Grow Your Business – Bright Ideas for Serious Entrepreneurs; “You Can Deduct THAT?”; Ignite Your Life with Brian Tracy; and Performance 360 Special Edition with Richard Branson.

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