David Auer, Founder and CEO of Auer Tax Group Says Philadelphia Soda Tax Could Spread

Founder and CEO of Auer Tax Group, author and Premier Tax Expert, David Auer visits the proposed Philadelphia soda tax to be levied against distributors, though he contends that it ultimately means higher prices for the biggest and poorest consumers and could become the model for cities across the U.S.

Tulsa, OK – July 8, 2016 – David Auer, recognized Premier Tax Expert and Founder/CEO of Auer Tax Group posted a new blog on the company website entitled Taxing Soda in Philadelphia Could Spread Across U.S.”  

David AuerAuer invites readers to ponder, “When companies get taxed, what do you think happens?” He continues adding, “They pass that tax on to the consumer in the form of higher prices. And that’s what’s probably going to happen for people in Philadelphia where the Mayor, Jim Kenney wants to put a tax of 3 cents per ounce on soda, iced-tea and other sugary drinks to be levied on beverage distributors.”

According to Auer, “Everyone knows that low-income residents are the ones who will ultimately be impacted by the tax because the price of soda is sure to be hiked up.”

“Now, I don’t live in Philadelphia,” says Auer, “and you probably don’t either. So why am I making such a big deal about this? The reason is that if the tax passes in Philadelphia it will most likely become the model for other U.S. cities.”

The entire blog can be read at http://www.premiertaxexpert.com/taxing-soda-philadelphia-spread-across-u-s/

About David Auer

With over 30 years of experience, David Auer is the Founder and CEO of Auer Tax Group, a national tax consulting firm, Blue Ocean Strategies, a business strategic planning group, and The Advanced Planning Group, a collaboration of multidisciplinary advisors focused on tax, estate, asset protection, and business succession strategies for successful business owners, professionals, and high net worth families.  He is also a founding member of Financial Gravity Law, a division of Financial Gravity®.

David is a frequent speaker, is recognized as one of America’s Premier Experts®, is on the adjunct faculty of Asset Protection Corporation founded by internationally acclaimed asset protection attorney Robert Lambert, LLM in Taxation, Esq., and is the author or co-author of several books, including 57 Ways to Grow Your Business – Bright Ideas for Serious Entrepreneurs; “You Can Deduct THAT?”; Ignite Your Life with Brian Tracy; and Performance 360 Special Edition with Richard Branson.

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