David and Melina Montelongo – Creating Successful Real Estate Investors Across the Country

San Antonio, TX – August 9, 2012 – David and Melina Montelongo, a dynamic husband and wife business team, have established themselves as leading experts in the Real Estate Investment Industry and are now on a stated mission, “To inspire others to create FREEDOM through their real estate investments.”  David and Melina are long time, successful real estate investors and the co-stars of the Flip This House season three series aired on A&E TV.  They are also the founders of The Montelongo Organization, an educational company designed to train others to become successful real estate investors.  Having accomplished over seven-hundred real estate investment deals over the last thirteen years, they now coach others to success by taking their training and their philosophy for success across the country through educational seminars. The experiential training is geared toward individuals that also want to become successful real estate investors.

The Montelongo Organization will be hosting three-day training boot camps across the country where attendees will be given solid information to help them begin or enhance their real estate investing business.  They will also have the opportunity to obtain higher-level coaching and to participate in real estate buying tours for cash flow properties.

The Montelongos have aligned themselves with a strategic partner, Accelerated Wealth, owned by Tobey Waggoner and Dallas Tall.  The seminars series, and several real estate buying tours will be done in conjunction with Accelerated Wealth, a provider of cash flow properties, who will be helping participants of the seminars actually acquire income-producing properties.

The Montelongos will be sharing their personal story of success, going through struggles, and rebuilding to become more successful than ever.  They are hopeful that their experiences will be an inspiration to others who want to become successful by design.  David is a contributing author to Brian Tracy’s book, Cracking the Success Code.  He has also been the featured speaker at a number of real estate conferences and seminars and has been featured in USA Today, the New York Times, The San Antonio Business Journal, and numerous other media sources.  Because of their outstanding business success and the contributions both David and Melina have made to the real estate investing industry, they are featured as two of America’s PremierExperts® Trendsetters in INC Magazine.  Learn more about the Montelongos and their upcoming events at http://www.themontelongos.com.

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