Dave Cox DUI Seminar Receives Rave Reviews From Idaho DUI Attorneys

Dave Cox, Boise Idaho DUI Analyst and Consultant recently concluded several DUI Seminars in his home state of Idaho, helping DUI attorneys to increase their courtroom success.

Boise, ID – November 15, 2013 Dave Cox, Boise Idaho DUI Consultant and Founder of Your DUI Pro, recently presented his well-received “Winning DUI Cases” Seminar in various cities around Idaho. Dave visited Nampa, Pocatello, Twin Falls, and Boise to deliver the seminar to some of the state’s best DUI attorneys. Dave Cox taught these Attorneys how to win DUI cases using advanced cross-examination techniques and NHTSA Manuals.

The attorneys who attended Dave Cox’s DUI Seminar, “Winning DUI Cases” had many great things to say about their experience. Here are testimonials from some of Idaho’s best DUI attorneys:

“In over 30 years of practice, this program was the most informative that I have EVER attended.  Could not take notes fast enough.  Don’t handle a DUI case without this information.”

Marc Weinpel – Idaho Falls, Idaho

“This was the most valuable seminar I have ever attended.  It provides the tools and information base for immediate positive results using practical, objective, and high-impact strategies and specific methods.”

Raymond Schild – Meridian, Idaho

“I have attended various other specialized DUI courses including topics on probable cause, roadside tests, BAC testing, etc.  In 25 years of practice, this is by far the best and most cost effective program I have attended.”

Tim Williams – Twin Falls, Idaho


“This CLE was so much better than I expected!  I learned more about DUIs in today’s seminar than I have learned in my years of practice both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney.”

Matthew Hanson – Nampa, Idaho


“The seminar was incredibly valuable.  I learned about things that I hadn’t heard of before, like the NHTSA materials, that are incredibly valuable.  I had been exclusively relying upon State materials and probably missing more than half the issues.”

Rusty Hansen – Pocatello, Idaho


“This class blew me away.  It exceeded my expectations.  Can’t say enough good things about it.”

Ben Onosko – Moscow, Idaho

“100 miles an hour for a full day of very relevant material.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Seth Diviney – Nampa, Idaho


“Great seminar.  Very informative.  I would highly recommend for any attorney interested in DUI trial work.”

Joshua Townsend, Sr. – Boise, Idaho


“Great value.  Solid data-bank info on every page of superb handbook.”

Lowell Hawkes – Pocatello, Idaho

Dave Cox, DUI Analyst and Consultant, has personally trained thousands of attorneys across the United States. Dave is a former police officer and, during his career, he was recognized as one of the top DUI officers in the country. As an officer, Dave Cox was certified as a Drug Recognition Expert, the highest level of training available to DUI enforcement officers. Dave now specializes in training attorneys how to easily and effectively use the officer, the officer’s training, and the officer’s NHTSA Manuals to win DUI Cases.

In the upcoming weeks, Dave Cox will be presenting his DUI Seminar to attorneys in Louisiana, Nebraska and Florida. Dave will be visiting the following cities:

  • Hammond, Houma, Baton Rouge and New Orleans; Louisiana
  • North Platte, Grand Island, Lincoln and Omaha; Nebraska
  • Fort Lauderdale, Port St Lucie, Fort Myers and Miami; Florida

To register for upcoming seminars, please visit http://www.YourDUIPro.com/seminars

To learn more about Dave Cox and Your DUI Pro, please visit http://www.YourDUIPro.com

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