Dan Veitkus, Chief Executive for Corsica Partners, Hits Amazon Best-Seller List with “STRAIGHT TALK Your Way to SUCCESS”

London/Boston/Los Angeles – September 21, 2020 – STRAIGHT TALK Your Way to SUCCESS, authored by DanVeitkus, CEO & Managing Partner for Corsica Partners, recently joined the elite best-seller status on Amazon.com. Initially published in 2014, the interest and praise for the Straight Talk Principles illuminated in this book have been building momentum, recently breaking through to the top of the Amazon charts.

“The Straight Talk Principles are inspired by the greatest wisdom of the past, colored with personal experience from the present and organized for the benefit of all who seek to be better and more effective,” Veitkus asserts. “I believe the principles and discipline required for Straight Talk conversations has never been more important for current generations than it is, today. I have no doubt the accelerated interest in this ‘little book that could’ is a direct reflection on the global frustration with the toxic “smart talk” and negativity that has become all too pervasive.” 

STRAIGHT TALK Your Way to SUCCESS has been endorsed by best-selling authors, thought leaders and business leaders including Pat Lencioni, Kevin Kelly and Tim Sanders and is garnering high praise and reviews from Amazon readers, too:

“This book was a complete breath of fresh air and everyone in business could benefit from its message. It will remind you what really being productive looks like and how rarely we see it in business today.” -Scott Schwefel, CEO

This is a book about a critical set of distinctions. It will expose the difference between spending time, energy and intellectual firepower trying to sound smart and savvy — what the author condemns as “smart talk” — and the more effective choice to speak and operate deliberately in order to avoid confusion, frustration and wasted time and therefore dramatically improve our productivity.

Veitkus identifies “smart talking” as the enemy of smart execution. The book also exposes common smart talk traps and offers seven Straight Talk Principles to guide readers and leaders to a more productive set of outcomes and personal fulfillment.

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About the Author:

Dan Veitkus is an author, executive coach, credentialed Broadway producer and the CEO and Managing Partner for Corsica Partners, a global, boutique executive search and integrated talent management firm. Dan previously served as an executive business leader for private and public companies in the telecom, software and professional training & education industries. Veitkus assigns credit and inspiration for his success to the timeless “Straight Talk Principles” he learned from his paternal grandmother, Adeline. Dan takes pride in serving colleagues, clients and audiences around the world as an acting practitioner of the principles outlined in his book STRAIGHT TALK Your Way to SUCCESS.



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