Dallas Tax Attorney Nick Nemeth Publishes New Article With Tips To Help Taxpayers Avoid IRS Trouble

Nick Nemeth, Founder of The Law Office of Nick Nemeth PLLC, a Dallas Tax Law Firm, shares five important steps for his readers.

Dallas, TX –September 11, 2014– Nick Nemeth, known by many as the Managing Partner of The Law Office of Nick Nemeth PLLC, a trusted Tax Law Firm operating in the Dallas region of Texas, has just published a new article on his internet home page sharing several tips for avoiding IRS trouble. The article, titled “Don’t Get Sucked In: Five Ways to Avoid a Tax Dispute with the IRS” provides practical information for his readers.

IRS Attorney Nick Nemeth writes, “Our passion is protecting taxpayers from the life-
damaging impact of an IRS tax controversy. We have seen firsthand how devastating IRS disputes can for hardworking people, and we battle the IRS relentlessly to defend our clients and enable them to get on with their life.

But, as a taxpayer, the best way to overcome an IRS dispute is to AVOID it to begin with. In that spirit, today we are going to identify five important steps you can take to stay out of the IRS crosshairs and avoid IRS trouble.

1) Don’t under-report income. Yes, it is tempting to under report income when you are filing your taxes – who doesn’t want to keep more money in their pockets? But the IRS uses a variety of sophisticated methods of detecting income, and it’s very possible that they’ll recognize that you’ve under-reported. And that will lead to a whole lot of pain down the road. It’s just not worth it.

2) Save your supporting documentation. If the IRS is questioning your tax returns, the very first thing they will do is ask for documentation of claimed deductions, tax credits, expenses, and more. If you can’t produce this documentation you may see your tax bill skyrocket, and a messy IRS dispute is likely to follow. Save those documents!

3) Avoid double-claiming dependents. If you claim your children as dependents, but somebody else does too… you’re going to have problems. This includes your children filing their own returns as independents. Ensure that nobody else is claiming your dependents, because if they do, the IRS will consider it a major red flag.”

The Law Office of Nick Nemeth provides assistance with IRS disputes. Their team partners with taxpayers and business owners to overcome IRS controversies. The entire article can be found by clicking here – http://www.myirsteam.com/blog/dont-get-sucked-in-five-ways-to-avoid-a-tax-dispute-with-the-irs.php

To learn more about The Law Office of Nick Nemeth, please visit http://www.myirsteam.com

About Nick Nemeth:

The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth focus solely on IRS tax problems and one of the most common reasons clients come to Nemeth is for delinquent tax returns.

With over 15 years experience as a lawyer, Nick Nemeth is a best-selling author who focuses on helping both individuals and businesses overcome the stress and devastation of their tax problems. At his boutique tax law firm located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, solving IRS problems goes beyond saving his clients’ money.

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