Creator of the Live Free Process, Paula Wright, Featured on ABC

Seattle, WA – June 8, 2023 –Paula Wright, Creator of the Live Free Process, was seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX network affiliates around the country as a guest on OnSet Bahamas Edition.


Creator of the Live Free Process, Paula Wright, was a featured guest on OnSet Bahamas Edition. The show, which was filmed in Nassau, Bahamas by an Emmy Award winning crew, included guests from around the country who shared their expertise and stories of their success.


Wright was selected because of her expertise in helping others make the best decision for their health and to help discover their purpose in life. She shares how people have the power to change their lives through inner work.  Paula explains how it is the inner work that brings the outer changes in your live. 



About Paula Wright

Paula Wright teaches people how to live a life of wellness, freedom and abundance and to create the life of their dreams.


Paula’s mission is to provide the wisdom, tools, and resources to identify and unblock limiting beliefs and energy to help people live the lives there are intended to live.


She is the author of How to Live Free and the contributing author of Living Abundantly. Both books provide readers a gateway into her proven belief system and skill set.


Paula overcame years of living with chronic stress and anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, and experiencing a lack of love, joy, and abundance. The challenges of being a single parent were compounded by job stress and caregiving for two aging parents. Seeking resolution, she read books, returned to school, went to therapy, and gained mentorships. She gained wisdom, and found new skills, techniques, and strategies as she grew.


After 20+ years of success in the non-profit sector, Paula founded the Live Free Process in 2020 to teach others the strategies that transformed her life.


Paula earned a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and a master’s in public administration from Grand Canyon University. Paula teaches yoga online through her company, Free Soul Yoga. She is a certified Practical Law of Attraction coach and a Registered Yoga teacher.




OnSet Bahamas Edition features premier business experts whose Interviews are focused on topics related to their respective industries, and their success in that industry. OnSet Bahamas Edition provides valuable information for today’s business-driven world.


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