Corrective Exercise Authority Andy Cowing Featured in Women’s Fitness Magazine

Andy Cowing is currently being featured in Women’s Fitness magazine as a World Fitness Elite Game Changer.

St. Petersburg FL – August 29, 2014 – Andy Cowing, owner of Corrective Personal Training and Athletic Revolution™ of West St. Petersburg, is currently being seen in the August 2014 Edition of Women’s  Fitness magazine (United Kingdom and Ireland) with other leading fitness professionals as part of a feature called “World Fitness Elite.” In the Women’s Fitness feature, Andy Cowing and other leading experts were asked to give their “Top Tips To Look and Feel Great Today!”

Here is what Andy had to share with the readers of Women’s Fitness:

“One of the most frequent injury for females doing high Intensity Movement training is ACL tears. Be diligent in preparing your body before participating in these popular high intensity classes available today. Make sure you plan your fitness program with flexibility and stability phases first to gain full range of motion throughout your joints. Follow these phases up with strength then power training before attempting HIIT Classes.”

Andy Cowing is a vetted leader in his field.  As one of the top corrective exercise authorities in the world, Cowing’s business is continuously growing with clients coming from various parts of the country to seek out his expertise.  By providing cutting edge and scientifically-based corrective exercise programs to help relieve pain and improve agility for athletes and non-athletes, Cowing is known internationally for getting results where all other remedies have failed.

Because Cowing is an international authority in his field, people from around the country come to his St. Petersburg location for his help and advice.  He has been a featured expert on radio and he speaks at multiple venues for coaches, personal trainers, and Karate trainers numerous times each year.

Andy Cowing has also been seen in Men’s Fitness, USA Today, The Independent (UK) as well as major online publications such as Yahoo!Finance, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Miami Herald and MarketWatch, among many others.

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