Corine Peterson Brings Two Decades of Financial and Real Estate Expertise To Her New Role As A “Banker Who Sells Real Estate” In Orange County, California

Orange County, CA – February 12, 2013 – As longtime Vice President of Credit and Investments for Prudential Real Estate, Corine Peterson – who began with the company as a senior accountant — managed a $300 million real estate portfolio and served on the boards of several of the company’s largest firms throughout the U.S.

With a portfolio of the largest multi-office real estate brokerages nationwide, she engaged in high level mergers and acquisitions by structuring and making strategic investments involving both debt and equity in the residential real estate brokerage industry.

An expert at determining values of companies, she put together credit memorandums and pro-formas on the potential multi-million dollar deals which she would take to Prudential’s financial committee for approval.

Peterson brings these years of corporate finance expertise – along with her MBA in Finance from Pepperdine University – to her thriving new career as an independent real estate agent in Orange County, California, where she’s lived and worked since 1988.

In a competitive field crowded with agents with minimal background in financial matters and who lack true understanding of the fluctuations in the marketplace, Peterson’s strong and direct communication skills, high level experience, confidence, integrity and dedication to the minutest details set her apart. This includes providing detailed property pricing based not merely on local comps but on objective financial analysis mixed with her subjectivity and keen instincts. She also hires top photographers to capture the visual essence of the high-priced homes she represents, and works with a renowned local marketing company to help advertise them.

“I believe in providing the best services to the consumer because they are paying a lot of money and putting a lot of time and energy into selling their home,” says Peterson, whose “territory” includes the Hills of North Tustin, Lemon Heights, Cowan Heights, Panorama Hill and Barrett Hill.

“They should never be in a situation where their agent just puts out a sign on the lawn and sends out a bunch of flyers. From my background, they’re aware that one of my strong suits is the ability to put deals together.”

As head of The Peterson Group, her goal with all clients is simple: to guide them through each step of the buying process, including finding out what they can qualify for in today’s financing environment, helping find the perfect home, negotiating their contract and moving in.

Peterson’s home page ( is filled with inspiring testimonials from clients whose lives were changed thanks to Peterson’s hands-on attention to their needs. Paul and Nancy Johnson’s words of praise are telling: “Corine is the ultimate professional. Smart, personable, organized, pays attention to the smallest details, timely responses and it’s all backed up with years of experience and education.

After considering for five years the move from the longtime safety net of a high level corporate environment, Peterson chose a curious time to enter the fray as an independent real estate agent, or as she prefers to be known as, “a banker who sells real estate”: when the local market was at the bottom. But her timing proved impeccable. A detailed new report on the state of real estate in Orange County by Steven Thomas of Quantitative Economics and Decision Sciences – posted on Peterson’s home page – says, “With reports of the median sales price up 17.5% in December 2012 compared to December 2011, it is no wonder that there is a lot of excitement centered on the housing market.”

As many like minded businesspeople find when they leave the structured, bottom line bureaucratic corporate environment, Peterson has found a unique joy in the personal relationships she has developed as an independent real estate agent. “I most enjoy how appreciative and happy my clients are at the end of the deal, which confirms the limitless opportunities real estate agents have to facilitate the changing of individual lives,” she says. “There’s a personal impact when I’m working with a consumer, and I want them to feel good about their transaction at the end of the day. I want them to know that they have been dealing with a professional of high integrity, which is an important foundational aspect of who I am as a person and agent.

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