Community Healthcare Growth & Profitability Expert, Louis Kraml is featured on CNN as a Guest on Times Square Today


Community Healthcare Growth & Profitability Expert, Louis Kraml is featured on CNN as a Guest on Times Square Today

Louis Kraml, President and CEO of Healthcare Profitability LLC., was recently seen on CNN, CNBC and Fox News network affiliates around the country as a guest on Times Square Today.

Lewisville, TX – February 3, 2017Louis Kraml, Hospital, Rural Health Clinic and Physician Profitability Expert, was recently a featured guest on Times Square Today. The show, which filmed in New York City overlooking Times Square by an Emmy Award winning crew, included guests from around the country who shared their expertise and stories of their success. The episode featuring Kraml recently aired on CNN, CNBC and Fox News affiliates across the country. Kraml was selected because of his expertise in expanding quality healthcare operations-with special emphasis in physician’s practices, clinics and small/rural community hospitals

louis-kramlAbout Louis Kraml: 

Louis Kraml is a dynamic, visionary thinker with “boots on the ground” CEO experience, offering years of innovation in health care. He is a Best-Selling Author® and a co-author of the book, The Road to Success Vol. 1, alongside Jack Canfield, founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul. He recently received the coveted Quilly® award for co-authoring this book as well.

Louis and his team of professionals have led strategic expansions, turnarounds, and operational excellence in solo and multi-facility health systems, including for-profit and non-profit community hospitals, innovative physician Joint Ventures, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, management of physician practices, and “first to market” products.

As a growth and services enhancement expert, Louis has had a measurable impact on driving quality health care operations to triple-digit profitability. Facilitating the Board and Administrations restructuring plan, developing change management cultures, driving Quality Improvement, and (delivery system) Revenue Cycle enhancements, with the goal of bringing benefit to community members and their loved ones — are his key specialties.

Kraml’s goal is having patients and families feel safe at home in their local hospital, being served by high quality physicians, Family Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants.

Louis’s strength is as a team builder and leader who skillfully manages organizational change. He is adept at bringing people together, instilling a shared vision, and creating a team approach to new and profitable Physicians and Hospital healthcare models. He is accountable and loyal to corporate mission and vision, and the local economy. He leads by example, has a strong work ethic, fosters the values of reliability, dedication, productivity, and cooperation within the staff. Louis teaches a spirit of gratitude and appreciation for each healthcare Team Members talents and contributions.

More about Louis Kraml:

Louis’s expertise in his field led to an invite to the Times Square Today set to tell his business’s story. His feature has been seen by viewers across the country, and has, undoubtedly, inspired many.

If you would like to learn more about Louis Kraml, his team, and their array of services, connect with him at

About Times Square:

Times Square Today features premier business experts offering their expertise in the most industrial city in the country. Interviews are focused on topics related to their respective industries, and their success in that industry. The stories of their businesses and brands serve as lessons for entrepreneurs and inspiration for those looking to go the route of the business owner. Times Square Today provides valuable information for today’s business-driven world.



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