Combining Unique Backgrounds In Theology And Financial Planning, Chicagoland Based Cliff Morgan’s Educational Consulting Firm US College Planning Is Dedicated To Helping Students And Their Families

Chicago, Ill. – November 6, 2011 – A casual perusing of Cliff Morgan’s mini-bio on the site of US College Planning, his Chicago based independent educational consulting firm, seems to be a study in educational and career contrasts. On one hand, he has an extensive background working with a prominent financial group as a trusted advisor for eight years and holds numerous licenses related to investment and securities. But before that, the New England born and raised entrepreneur spent his time studying and learning to be a volunteer in his community.

US College Planning helps parents and students manage all aspects of college funding, application and personal and career development throughout college. His staff helps parents uncover little-known strategies and unique funding resources so they can better manage cashflow during these critical years. They are primarily dedicated to helping students navigate the tricky, often complicated college search and application process while providing career direction and other support throughout their college journey.

Morgan found that his work with parents would naturally extend to conversations about their overall financial planning pictures—which makes sense considering that the money they save on a college education could be put towards a retirement account or property purchase. In 2010, he applied his background as an all-around financial planner to launching a new company called Strategic Wealth Advisory Group, of which he is a senior partner. “Though my flagship company is College Planning Partners and I focus a lot on college planning, that is only one part of the overall financial planning conversation,” he says.

When Morgan launched his finance focused U.S. College Planning, he affiliated with College Dream Builder, a proven and reliable system dedicated to helping students prepare for and gain admission to college since 1999.  They have been helping families navigate the complex issues of college preparation, helping to bring together parents’ hopes and students’ dreams. In conjunction with College Dream Builders, U.S. College Planning offers services like ACT and SAT test prep, essay prep, resume creation, specialized tutoring, personalized student life coaching, admissions assistance, analysis and cash flow strategies, financial aid assistance and personal service for busy parents who would like someone to help them navigate the confusing system.

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