Colorado Bankruptcy Expert Explains How To More Quickly Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy

Kevin Heupel, Denver bankruptcy attorney, discusses how you can rebuild your credit much sooner if you act before the end of 2012.

Denver, Colorado – December 14, 2012 – Kevin Heupel, Founder of Heupel Law (found at, recently wrote a blog on his website explaining a fairly easy way that you can rebuild your credit much faster than usual. The blog, titled “Rebuild Your Credit Faster by Filing Bankruptcy Before December 31, 2012,” explains that “if you file for bankruptcy before December 31, 2012 with a Denver bankruptcy lawyer, you can rebuild your credit ONE YEAR SOONER!”

Kevin writes, “For example, if you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in December 2012, your credit score could be in the 700s by 2014. However, if you file in January 2013, your credit score won’t be in the 700s until 2015. A one-month delay with a personal bankruptcy can result in another year to rebuild your credit. The same holds true when filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.”

“A year is long time to wait when you need credit to pay for the emergencies in life. But filing with a bankruptcy attorney before December 31, 2012 can shave off a full year in the process of improving your credit. The same thing applies to buying a home and buying a car. You could purchase a home with a FHA mortgage in 2014,” Mr. Heupel continues.”

Mr. Heupel is offering payment plans, $0 money down and discounts in order to help you get a cheap bankruptcy filed this year.

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At Heupel Law, Kevin and his staff understand that struggling with personal and professional financial debt is difficult and we are dedicated to helping good people like you get a fresh financial start.  Bankruptcy is just one of the services that Heupel Law offers—and depending on your unique financial situation bankruptcy may not be the best solution for you. In fact, bankruptcy is not the best option for 20% of their clients. Heupel Law offers many services to help you eliminate your debt, including foreclosure avoidance, debt negotiation, bankruptcy, collection abuse, and loan modifications.

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