Clinical Aromatherapist Fai Chan Creates Multiple Writing Platforms To Share Expertise With Her Native China

Passionate About Holistic Healing Protocols, The Austin Based Entrepreneur and Multi-Faceted Author/Publisher Will Speak On Entrepreneurship And Strategic Partnerships at the U.N. In June 2016

Lakeway, TX – November 15, 2016 – Considering the success that Fai Chan has enjoyed as a clinical aromatherapist and writer/publisher since the 2014 launch of Deli Aroma, her holistic healings protocols company, it’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, she was stuck in a mindset where she didn’t know what she wanted to or could ever achieve.

Her life’s purpose as an aromatherapist began taking shape when she found a doctor who helped heal her debilitating acne scars, which had fueled years of pain and insecurity. “I was so determined to heal completely because I needed to go forward and pursue my dream,” she says. “I felt like I finally woke up. I learned aromatherapy because I wanted to earn money for myself and not only rely on my husband. I developed a passion for it because I learned how effective it was in healing emotional issues. I gradually found that I had the talent to formulate the right products and essential oils to help people.”

Fai says she rarely planned ahead in her earlier life, but she was ready to embrace a vibrant future once she found this path. Moving back to Austin, where she currently lives, she took all the necessary courses to get her certification and became a clinical member (and later a board member) of the world renowned Aromatherapy Association AIA (Alliance of International Aromatherapists).

Based on a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) framework, with the synergistic effects of combining a therapeutic approach with chemistry, Fai’s remedies have proven very effective. “I take joy in knowing my clients personally, and am devoted to giving them personalized care,” she says. “I ask a lot of upfront questions and put a lot of time and effort into doing follow-ups as well. As a therapist, it’s always a joy to help people become free of constraints, free of restraints and free of limitations. People are not slaves to their ailments, physical or mental.”

Even though she has lived in America for over a decade, her proficiency with her native Chinese language has led her to concurrently pursue her writing career by sharing her expertise and educating people in China via a multitude of exciting platforms. She has thus far published two non-fiction books in Chinese, and is currently working on her first novel, which will also incorporate aromatherapy, sharing its value via an entertaining fictional story to maximize the number of potential readers.

Feeling she wanted to do something for the Chinese community in Greater China, Fai set up a successful aromatherapy information webpage in Weibo (the largest Chinese social media outlet). In addition, she is the publisher of Aroma Search, a digital Chinese aromatherapy journal. She writes a regular blog on her website (, and helps other aromatherapists translate their work into Chinese for that market. She is also set to co-author an international book concerning aromatherapy’s connection to emotional issues with aromatherapists from Great Britain and Israel.

She is currently working as a co-author in Jack Canfield’s forthcoming book The Road To Success, which will feature her biographical chapter called “A Time For Everything – A Time To Heal and a Time To Succeed.” Later this year, she will be the subject of a “Hollywood Live” interview with Canfield, co-creator of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book phenomenon.

Fai’s work in aromatherapy has indirectly led her to become a force in the high fashion world, as a VIP with high fashion company Gucci. Expanding her sphere of influence, Fai recently became a Council Member of the Global Entrepreneurship Initiative to help raise public awareness on aromatherapy and alternative healing ideas. In June 2016, she will be speaking at the United Nations Headquarters on her experience in partnering with a top fashion brand and how this adds value to her professional success.

“When I was young, growing up in China,” she says,” I didn’t think positively about anything. Coming to America opened my eyes to a more positive mindset and more aggressive approach to going after your goals. My perspective changed significantly and I knew I had the chance to get ahead and pursue my dreams.”


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