CleanSuccess! Program Uses ‘Natural Instinct vs. Guru Thinking’ Concept To Coach Cleaning Business Owners On Marketing, Selling and Profit Strategies

Clean Guru LLC introduces the concept of ‘Natural Instinct vs. Guru Thinking’ in their new video coaching program, CleanSuccess, to teach a series of powerful marketing, selling and profit strategies designed to help janitorial business owners or those considering starting a cleaning business – grow quickly and profitably.

Toledo, OH – May 25, 2011Clean Guru™ is pleased to announce the introduction of a new way to learn about the different type of ‘mind set ‘ needed to effectively change and improve commercial and residential cleaning businesses – by thinking in terms of ‘Natural Instincts vs. Guru Thinking’.

In the CleanSuccess Program, Natural Instinct is a term used to refer to the long list of business behaviors that come easily and naturally to nearly all janitorial cleaning contractors – but may not be most effective in achieving their desired results as quickly as they would like.

Guru Thinking, on the other hand, refers to a set of radically new ideas designed to help commercial cleaning companies succeed in today’s new economy.  While not necessarily easy or natural at first, if followed, these new principles promise to give cleaning company owners the control and strategies necessary to grow their janitorial businesses predictably and profitably.

Cleaning contractors who follow the series will learn about unique approaches to finding, landing and keeping profitable cleaning jobs. The subject matter will include advice on topics such as how to identify prospects, generate leads as well as how to price and bid on a cleaning contract for profit.

The new instructional video series is intended to compliment Clean Guru’s other products, such as CleanBid®, their online janitorial bidding and workloading program.  Cleaning businesses interested in learning more about the online coaching series or wanting to sign up for a monthly membership to the program can do so at

About Clean Guru™ LLC:

Dan Liebrecht and Tony Dietsch, are co-founders Clean Guru LLC and CleanBid Program, and are Co-Authors of the upcoming book, Discover the Guru in You! The 7 Insider Secrets to Finding, Landing and Keeping Profitable Cleaning Jobs

Clean Guru™ offers their members powerful tools and strategies to take care of everything needed to quickly add sales and increase profits – from finding and attracting profitable accounts, to bidding, landing and keeping those accounts.  Clean Guru’s™ Marketing, Selling and Profit Tools will be the products and services thatlevel the playing field’!

Clean Guru™ takes away the “big guys” advantage, and gives YOU the edge to compete and WIN.  The first of these powerful tools is the CleanBid® Program. It’s the quick and easy way to bid any janitorial cleaning job online; giving an instant monthly price recommendation and ready-to-deliver proposal to any cleaning business wanting to create a professional cleaning contract to give their prospective customers.

You can learn more about CleanGuru™ at

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