CleanBid Program Release: Redesigned Version of Online Janitorial Bidding Software Now Available

Clean Guru LLC is pleased to announce the release of the new, redesigned version of the CleanBid Program – giving users access to an online janitorial bidding tool designed to be more user- friendly and intuitive than ever before in creating customized cleaning bids.

Toledo, OH – July 19, 2010 – Cleaning software company, Clean Guru LLC, is pleased to announce the introduction of a newly revised version of the CleanBid Program including ‘working’ pages that have been simplified to make it easier than ever for users, especially new members, to quickly understand and easily navigate the program.

The new, redesigned look was created with the goal of making the program the most user-friendly online janitorial bidding software available to cleaning businesses today.

Tony Dietsch, co-founder of the CleanBid® Program, explains “The new, redesigned version provides a ‘softer and simpler look and feel’ with the goal of making the end-users’ experience more pleasant, understandable and convenient than ever before.

We want the CleanBid Program to ‘delight’ our janitorial and cleaning business members.  This redesigned version is another important step in that ongoing process.”

You can learn more about the CleanBid® Program at

About Clean Guru™ LLC:

Dan Liebrecht and Tony Dietsch, are co-founders Clean Guru LLC and CleanBid® Program, and are Co-Authors of the book, Discover the Guru in You! The 7 Insider Secrets to Finding, Landing and Keeping Profitable Cleaning Jobs!

Clean Guru™ LLC offers their members powerful tools and strategies to take care of everything needed to quickly add sales and increase profits – from finding and attracting profitable cleaning jobs, to bidding, landing and keeping those accounts.  Clean Guru’s™ Marketing, Selling and Profit Tools will be the products and services thatlevel the playing field’!

Clean Guru™ takes away the “big guys” advantage, and gives YOU the edge to compete and WIN.  The first of these powerful tools is the CleanBid® Cleaning Software Bidding Program. Janitorial Bidding Made Easy® is our motto because it’s the quick and easy way to bid any janitorial cleaning job online; giving an instant monthly price recommendation and ready-to-deliver commercial cleaning proposal to any janitorial business wanting to create a professional cleaning contract to give their prospective customers.

You can learn more about the CleanBid® Program at

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