Clean Guru Plans to Expand From Coaching Cleaning Marketing to Done-for-You Service

Clean Guru LLC will soon be launching a new done-for-you marketing program to be called CleanLeads, going beyond their instruction and coaching programs for janitorial businesses.

Toledo, OH – April 1, 2011 – After the success of the recently released CleanSuccess Video Coaching Program, Clean Guru LLC is now making plans to create a done-for- you, area exclusive cleaning marketing program.

The new done-for-you marketing program, to be called CleanLeads, will go beyond simple instruction and coaching to actual development and implementation.  CleanLeads services will be offered on an area exclusive basis with specific geographic territories to be assigned to individual members.

Clean Guru LLC is planning to include the following services in the CleanLeads standard program:

-Development and securing of a highly select and responsive target list for each participating CleanLead Member based on the their unique strengths and growth plans

– Identifying of primary contacts and decision makers at the targeted businesses so marketing dollars are highly focused and thereby invested efficiently and effectively

– Creating a unique series of direct-response marketing pieces, including sales letters and brochures that will include powerful marketing messages to illicit a positive and timely response from the targeted prospect group

Tony Dietsch, co-founder of the CleanBid® Program, explains that he and his business partner, Dan Liebrecht  were inspired to begin work on the CleanLeads Program in response to an overwhelming interest from members for a done-for-you cleaning marketing product.

‘We believe the CleanLeads Program will be something completely different than anything the janitorial cleaning industry has seen before – not only in how it will be developed and implemented, but more importantly, in the results it will give to its participating members.  We’re excited about the possibilities!!”

These new developments are part of Clean Guru mission to ‘level the playing’ field so independent cleaning business owners and those just starting a cleaning business can quickly compete and win against the big guys.
About Clean Guru™ LLC:

Dan Liebrecht and Tony Dietsch, are co-founders Clean Guru LLC and CleanBid® Program, and are Co-Authors of the book, Discover the Guru in You!® The 7 Insider Secrets to Finding, Landing and Keeping Profitable Cleaning Jobs!

The CleanSuccess™ Video Coaching Program teaches members marketing, bidding, selling and profit strategies they used to build their own fast growing, profitable and fun-to-run cleaning business.  Want to get more cleaning leads? The cleaning marketing strategies explained in the CleanSuccess videos are designed to teach a new approach to finding janitorial leads without expensive telemarketing, painful cold calling or awkward networking.

You can learn more about the CleanBid® Program at

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