Clean Guru LLC Developing Scanned Documents Feature for CleanBid Janitorial Software

Clean Guru LLC is developing an exciting new feature to the CleanBid Janitorial Software Program.

Toledo, OH –   March 20, 2012 – Clean Guru LLC is excited to be developing a new scanned document feature which will makes it easy for CleanBid Members to scan, save and add up to three (3) separate documents to janitorial or residential cleaning bid proposals.

The CleanBid Program provides janitorial workloading, price recommendations and customized cleaning proposals. It offers commercial cleaning companies and residential cleaning, maid services  seven modules including: Janitorial/Office Cleaning, Tile Maintenance, Carpet Cleaning, Construction Clean-up, Move In/Out, Window Cleaning and Residential Cleaning/Maid Services.

Dan Liebrecht, co-founder of the CleanBid® Program, explains, “Attaching several scanned documents such as insurance certificates to their cleaning bids is something our members have been asking for and this feature will be able to be set up in advance, on a preference level, conveniently allowing a set of scanned documents to appear automatically on all future cleaning proposals!”

About Clean Guru™ LLC:

Dan Liebrecht and Tony Dietsch, are co-founders Clean Guru LLC and CleanBid® Program, and are Co-Authors of the book, Discover the Guru in You!® The 7 Insider Secrets to Finding, Landing and Keeping Profitable Cleaning Jobs!

Clean Guru™ LLC takes away the “big guys” advantage, and gives YOU the tools you need to compete and WIN.  The first of these powerful tools is the CleanBid® Cleaning Software Bidding Program. Janitorial Bidding Made Easy® is our motto because it’s the fast and easy way to get a competitive price recommendation for any cleaning job you’re bidding on. Plus, you get a professional cleaning contract ready-to-deliver or email to your prospective customers.

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