Chris Wiser Joins Abundance Studios™

Expert Entrepreneur and CEO of The Wiser Agency Joins Abundance Studio™ As An Executive Producer

Austin, TX – June 23, 2021 – The Founder and CEO of The Wiser Agency, Chris Wiser, has signed a contract to join Abundance Studios™ as an Executive Producer. Known for offering his clients’ cutting-edge solutions for modern day businesses, Chris’s knowledge in the fields of sales, marketing, and business building and processes will be an asset to the studio and offer a unique perspective in relation to the films Abundance Studios™ hopes to create.

Abundance Studios was founded in 2020 by multiple Emmy® award winning Director, Nick Nanton, and Emmy® award winning producer, JW Dicks, with the mission to use film as a tool to advance abundant thinking and action in our global landscape. By focusing on sharing the stories of incredible people, causes, technologies, and more, Abundance Studios™ hopes to inspire and uplift people with their films and spark positive change.

Abundance Studios™ currently has four films in development. “It’s Happening Right Here” is slated to premiere in September 2021 in Hollywood, CA. The documentary discusses the reality of child trafficking in America and aims to educate the population on why and how this happens to save millions of lives. The other films currently in production are “The Truth About Reading,” an in-depth look into the lack of literacy in the US, being filmed in conjunction with the John Corcoran Foundation. A documentary about the life of beloved ESPN college basketball announcer Dick Vitale, tentatively titled “Never Lose Sight: The Dick Vitale Story” is also in production. As well as a documentary about negotiation tactics, which will feature the former Head of the FBI Hostage Negotiation Team, Chris Voss, titled “Tactical Empathy: The Black Swan.” Chris Wiser recently joined Nick Nanton, the director, and a group of other producers in Las Vegas, Nevada during a filming session with Chris Voss.

Abundance Studios™ is glad to have Chris Wiser among its ranks as an Executive Producer and is looking forward to the films they’ll be able to bring to life with his help. The mission is to inspire a movement of positive change through the use of film and we’re glad that Chris shares those ideals and aspirations for a better tomorrow.

About Chris Wiser

Chris Wiser is the CEO of The Wiser Agency, a marketing and sales consulting agency whose mission is to “help entrepreneurs build their businesses through systems and processes for a profitable exit.”

His agency has a special focus on educating Information Technology and Cybersecurity Managed Service Providers create inbound leads through social media advertising.

Chris has extensive experience with MSPs as the former CEO of TechSquad IT, an MSP firm based out of the greater Milwaukee area. He was the CEO of that organization for 10 years prior to him selling the company in 2015.

Chris was also featured in a full-length documentary in 2013 that was produced and directed by Nick Nanton titled The IT Guy. The documentary shared Chris’ unique way of working with his clients and how he helps them solve their corporate issues. Well-regarded business owners who have worked with him in the past are quoted saying, “[His] way may not be the easiest way or the cheapest way, but it’s always the right way.”

About Abundance Studios™

Abundance Studios™ is a film studio dedicated to fostering a world of abundant thinking and abundant action through the use of film. Our talented group of producers is comprised of entrepreneurs, professionals, and philanthropists dedicated to earning, learning and serving through media. It’s the collective goal of the studio to find, film, and share heartening and inspirational stories that will help to uplift the world. Film and storytelling has the power to create immensely positive change in the world, and Abundance Studios™ wants to facilitate that change for the betterment of mankind.





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