Certified High Performance Coach, Juan Carlos Arzola, Featured on A&E

Juan Carlos Arzola, Founder of Ultimate High Performance Mastermind Program, was recently seen on Bravo and A&E in major markets coast to coast as a guest on Hollywood Live.

Weston, FL – March 29, 2018 – Juan Carlos Arzola, Certified High Performance Coach, was recently a featured guest on Hollywood Live. The show, which filmed at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, California by an Emmy Award winning crew, was hosted by Jack Canfield, Best-Selling Author® and co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul. The show included guests from around the country who shared their expertise and stories of their success. Juan Carlos Arzola was one of the guests on the show, discussing his experience with entrepreneurs and helping them bring their life to a higher level.

Hollywood Live, filmed in Los Angeles, is produced by The Dicks and Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency®. The episode featuring Arzola recently aired on Bravo and A&E in major markets coast to coast.

Watch Arzola’s appearance on Hollywood Live here: https://www.juancarlos.live/blog/hollywood-live-with-jack-canfield

About Juan Carlos Arzola:

Juan Carlos Arzola’s great passion is bringing clarity, focus and vision to people who have seen success but not real joy and fulfillment. He helps high achievers find better perspective on different aspects of their lives; those specific areas that really matter. Juan Carlos students make a bigger and lasting impact and leave behind their footprints and a legacy for the world—living a meaningful life – a life of significance.

From humble and painful beginnings to becoming the best he possible can, that was his story. Now, he challenges his students to grow and become the best version of themselves, to believe more in themselves and to contribute and belong to a community of high performers and achievers.

Passionate about helping, the start to Personal Growth, Human Potential and High- Performance Development was a natural fit. With encouragement from mentors and friends, Juan Carlos started The Arzola Group in 2015. In his free time, Juan Carlos loves to travel with his two boys, Juan Carlos Jr. and Daniel. He also participates on mission trips around the world, and loves giving to charities and sharing at different events. Grateful for an amazing opportunity to be living an incredible life, Juan Carlos makes sure that every person he encounters is welcomed, loved and inspired in a way that impacts their lives.

Juan Carlos serves from a place of authenticity with contagious enthusiasm; it has become customary in his everyday practices. Under his guidance, his clients, readers and audiences are able to break through limiting beliefs and embrace the possibility of the present.

Juan Carlos Arzola is an international Certified High Performance Coach™, trainer, mentor, speaker, author of The Success Start, and creator of the Ultimate High Performance Mastermind Program. Soon, a unique online university (www.Ask.Me) will be available exclusively for presidents, vice presidents and ambassadors around the world. He works with high-performing individuals to help them build a life of lasting significance. He has been featured on several radio stations as well as on TV on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, CNN, CNBC and FOX NEWS; and was personally trained and mentored by leading experts in the personal growth field – including John C. Maxwell, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins and Brendon Burchard among others.

If you would like to learn more about Juan Carlos Arzola and his services, or connect with him at: www.JuanCarlos.Live



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