Certified business coach, licensed attorney and best-selling co-author, Jennifer Anderson, helps floundering and foundling businesses refocus and rebuild on foundations that lead to success and legacies.

San Antonio, TX – September 09, 2020 – Jennifer Anderson, attorney, Business Coach and co-author of The Art Of Success with Jack Canfield, posted a new article on her company website entitled Before You Start Your Business Become Familiar With The Rule Of LIFT, in which Ms. Anderson discusses foundation, explains the rule and acknowledges the importance of mentors and guides.

“During this pandemic,” writes Anderson, “many newly started businesses are struggling to find their footing.” She goes on to add, “Many other businesses that may have been coasting on stronger economic times also find themselves floundering. If you are in either category, it may be a good time to review your reasons for being in business as well as looking at the foundation you built your business upon.”

Anderson states, “When I ask prospective clients about the foundation on which they started their business, I usually get a curious look. “She continues adding, “Then the question is posed, “What do you mean?”” According to Anderson, “So many people launch into business through a hobby or just blindly following a notion. These are the business owners who are most likely to get tangled up in an array of challenges, problems, and unending frustration that too often leads them to give up and walk away. But,” she adds, “many of these businesses could go on to long-term success if the business owner takes the time to refocus and reach out for the appropriate help and guidance. In fact, I’ve not only seen this happened, I’ve helped it happen for many of my clients.”

“In all areas of life,” Anderson writes, “when we set goals and begin to act to achieve those goals, the path to achievement can be so much easier and sustainable if we build a strong foundation to support our growth. At some point,” she emphasizes, “we must take intentional, planned action, and model our success using a support system and the best resources to create our own growth framework.”


Read the entire article at http://jenandersonconsulting.com/2020/09/06/before-you-start-your-business-become-familiar-with-the-rule-of-lift/


About Jennifer Anderson  

Jennifer Anderson is a licensed attorney and certified coach, certified practitioner of neurolinguistic programming, certified hypnotist, and certified Timeline Therapy practitioner.

Both as a student and as a consultant, Jennifer has trained in enhancing performance and productivity in all areas of life for more than 20 years. She has dedicated her career to helping clients solve problems, overcome limitations, and achieve success in their personal and professional life.

After graduating from University of Texas at Austin and University of Houston Law Center, Jennifer has dedicated her legal practice to assisting entrepreneurs with their business, real estate, and estate planning needs.



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