Certified business coach, licensed attorney and best-selling co-author, Jennifer Anderson, helps business owners redirect the focus of their obsession which subsequently helps them meet challenges more effectively and efficiently.

San Antonio, TX – September 03, 2020 – Jennifer Anderson, attorney, Business Coach and co-author of The Art Of Success with Jack Canfield, posted a new blog on her company website entitled Obsess Over Your Inner Life For Business Success, in which Ms. Anderson helps business owners redirect their penchant for obsession.

Anderson writes, “Many of the business owners I coach are surprised when I ask them to turn their inward before developing opportunities for business growth.” She continues, “I ask them how they are feeling, what’s going on inside their head.” According to Anderson, “So many push back and want to get to “the business at hand.” They have endless to-do lists and insist they don’t have time for frivolous activities.” She points out, “They typically obsess over the latest crisis and waste time going down one rabbit hole after another without ever achieving their goals.”

“It may take a little time,” Anderson says, “but they begin to understand: Sustainable, smart growth in any business requires the true strength that comes from doing inner work before any outer work. Doing the inner work first helps you weather the challenges that come your way.” She emphasizes, “It keeps you connected with your unassailable inner strength and your values.”


Read the entire blog at http://jenandersonconsulting.com/2020/08/31/obsess-over-your-inner-life-for-business-success/


About Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson is a licensed attorney and certified coach, certified practitioner of neurolinguistic programming, certified hypnotist, and certified Timeline Therapy practitioner.

Both as a student and as a consultant, Jennifer has trained in enhancing performance and productivity in all areas of life for more than 20 years. She has dedicated her career to helping clients solve problems, overcome limitations, and achieve success in their personal and professional life.

After graduating from University of Texas at Austin and University of Houston Law Center, Jennifer has dedicated her legal practice to assisting entrepreneurs with their business, real estate, and estate planning needs.




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