Carl Gresen: He’s Got the Spirit and the Expertise in Real Estate

Clearwater, FL – November 14, 2011 – As a real estate agent for more than 14 years, Gresen has worked in both housing markets of Las Vegas, Nevada and Clearwater, Florida—mirrored markets where the housing industry hit crisis mode the fastest and hardest.  While it may be challenging, the real estate industry is something he’s always loved.

“I love what I do.  We help a lot of people. It’s almost good ministry work,” he says.

He possesses both an entrepreneurial and team spirit evident in his personal mantra, “Bring it!” Adopted from financial expert Dave Ramsey, this daily philosophy leads Gresen throughout his personal and professional life helping him lead Team Gresen, his team of 10 real estate professionals.

“Working with a team we can cover a lot more ground than working with individual agents.  We have more eyes and arms and we can accomplish a lot more.  The average agent sells six homes a year.  Team Gresen sells 90+ homes a year and will probably be doing 150 next year as we grow,” he says.

Gresen’s team helps him be in 10 places at once, but another reason Team Gresen continues to beat the competition is its two programs that guarantee a sale for a client.

The “Love It or Leave It” program allows a buyer a two-year window to sell their recently purchased home if they decide it’s not a right fit.  Their second guaranteed program, “If We Can’t Sell It, We’ll Buy It,” provides sellers with a guaranteed offer on the table from Team Gresen agreed upon ahead of time if his team can’t sell the property within 120 days. It’s great for relocations or families who are financially tight, he says.

Thanks to these programs and his collective team expertise, Team Gresen’s properties sell on average two and a half times faster than the industry average of 118 days.  Numbers aside, for Gresen, it really all comes down to helping others.

“Come to work, help people every day.  I think you’re cheating yourself if you’re not looking for ways to help others,” he says. “You need to bring it every day.  I want people to be present.  Have a heart of teacher; lead people by the hand.”

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