Can this Quartet of 2 Lawyers and 2 Bankers Change the $59 Billion Haircutting Industry?

Serial Entrepreneurs, Chris Hurn, Tony Zara, JW Dicks, Esq., and Nick Nanton, Esq., team up to launch a membership-driven upscale men’s grooming concept, Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club™.

Orlando, FL September 2, 2008– It’s the ultimate foursome – for an episode of Law & Order, but this team of two lawyers and two bankers has banded together to do more than entertain you. Chris Hurn, Tony Zara, JW Dicks, Esq., and Nick Nanton, Esq. have recently launched Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club™ – the reinvention of an old world concept, the “traditional barber shop”, with an affordable, luxury twist that offers new services for the mass-affluent gentleman. Kennedy’s is membership-based for an exclusive grooming experience for discerning gentlemen of all ages.

Their membership offerings turn heads with their unique names and offerings. Their flagship membership, titled Life™, for “The Ultimate Gentleman,” includes: unlimited signature haircuts, shaves, mini-facials, waxing, priority reservations, a private and customized humidor-style “mini-locker,” 20 percent discounts on all grooming products, and a complimentary adult beverage with every visit. Kennedy’s also provides, our Life™ (can’t read his writing here) with a Black & White framed 8×10 photo (with your business card inserted) hung on our wall-of-fame, a yearly birthday present from your local Kennedy’s Proprietor, and complimentary Kennedy’s monthly magazine (including profiles of Life™ members from around the country!) And Coming Soon, Nationwide usage rights at all other Kennedy’s plus shoe shines during each service.

Kennedy’s also offers less indulgent offerings like Liberty™ and The Pursuit of Happiness™ and all the way down to The Basic Gentleman™, which offers unlimited Signature Haircuts for “the discerning gentleman on a tight budget.”, Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club has just what every gentleman needs to become a “Kennedy.”

According to the website,

    While you may have thought that the word “Kennedy” was a first name or surname, which is in-fact a true statement, this is not what we named the All-American Barber Club after. The term “Kennedy,” in its lesser known state, is a synonym for The Ultimate Gentleman™. It is a philosophy and an unspoken fraternity among the finest gentlemen throughout the ages. You know who we are speaking of…you’ve seen Kennedy’s in movies; you’ve heard them croon. You’ve seen Kennedy’s change the world, and you’ve seen them fight for freedom. Isn’t it time you became a Kennedy too? Step foot inside a Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club™ and you’ll instantly be transported back to a time when men were men, when getting a straight razor shave and a haircut were the civilized thing to do. At the same time, you’ll be offered a modern selection of grooming products, hand-selected music and much, much more.

    Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club™ brings you everything you need to join the ranks of those who have come before you and provides you with the tools you need to achieve your aspirations, to become —The Ultimate Gentleman™, a Kennedy.

The Haircutting industry is a 59 billion dollar industry, but the current service offerings and salons are heavily slanted to target women.

“Today’s discerning gentleman has to search long and hard, often to no avail, to find a comfortable environment to get a consistently crafted haircut—and, sadly, most have never had the opportunity to experience what our fathers and grandfathers considered a right of passage–a straight razor shave,” said Kennedy’s CEO Chris Hurn. “Now they can find that place at Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club™, and soon they’ll be able to find that place near work, home and everywhere else they like to spend their time as we franchise this concept across the country.”

About Kennedy’s:
Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club™ is a Franchise Concept for discerning gentlemen who are looking for an experience that is the polar opposite of your everyday haircut from the “big chains.” Like most gentlemen, the founders felt equally out of place at salons frequented by their wives and the local strip-mall-walk-in “chop shops,” so they decided to create a place where they would like to go to get the grooming services they needed, rather than a place they dreaded. While most haircutteries cater to women and children, Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club™ caters to discerning gentlemen looking for a fine grooming experience with the old world charm of your father’s barber shop. Offering the finest in haircuts for men, the lost art of straight-razor shaves, and a modern selection of grooming products, Kennedy’s All-American Barbershop™ is sure to be your favorite place to relax and enjoy The Best Haircut and Straight-Razor Shave You’ve Ever Had, or it’s Free™! Learn more about Kennedy’s by visiting:

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