Cameron Fields Expands Business Opportunities By Merging His ‘House Of Beautiful Hair’ With ‘Now Beauty Pays’

Connecticut Based Entrepreneur, Now Offering Hair and Skin Care Lines, Was Inspired To Enter The Multi-Billion Dollar Hair Extension Realm By Chris Rock’s Documentary “Good Hair

Waterbury, CT – July 28, 2014 – Growing up in Atlanta, Cameron Fields wasn’t like most kids who dreamed of growing up and being ballplayers, firemen or cops. From the start, he wanted to be an entrepreneur – and remembers asking his dad as early in fifth grade how he could start his own business.

Fields realized that his best bet for achieving his long held goal of being a multi-millionaire entrepreneur was in multi-level marketing. Though his success in various realms over the last decade has made him a veritable expert in that world, he was well aware of the downside: If you’re not building a business around a truly amazing product, and your family and friends get tired of your latest activities, it’s hard to find solid leads cold-calling strangers.

Fields credits none other than Chris Rock for opening his eyes to the opportunities that awaited him in the 10 billion dollar beauty industry. The multiple Emmy Award winning actor-comedian’s 2009 comedy documentary film Good Hair focused on the issue of how African-American women have perceived hair and historically styled it. The film explores the current styling industry for black women and images of what is considered acceptable and desirable for women’s hair in the U.S.

He started his now booming House of Beautiful Hair concept as a local hair distributor in Connecticut, where he was born and has lived his whole adult life. One day, one of the beauticians he knew asked if she could refer her own clients to him and earn a percentage of the sale. She wanted to earn a piece of the transaction without ever stocking the product at the salon. Ever the visionary “big picture guy,” Fields and a partner created a platform to allow the average person to tap into the industry and start their own commission based hair business via a partnership with his company.

One of the selling points is that his company supplies the inventory – and the product, 100 percent Virgin Remy Hair Extensions, is in very high demand. The House of Beautiful Hair website adds an enticing branding line: “It’s time for that celebrity look to come out and House of Beautiful Hair can make it happen.”

Anyone interested in launching their own business must sign up as a customer first – and it’s free to create a customer account. Customers gain access to House of Beautiful Hair’s high quality inventory (starting with the first 3.5 ounce bundle, which covers half a head of hair) at very low prices. After creating a customer account, the user can upgrade to become a Customer Associate to begin making money in the multi-level marketing platform.

There is a monthly membership of $9.97 that covers the cost of maintaining a dedicated Customer Associate website; Those who become Customer Associates receive a 20 percent commission on all customer sales referred by them – including all current and future sales from this customer, as long as they stay current with their monthly payments.

House of Beautiful Hair has been so successful over the past year – with thousands of customers and reps all across the U.S. – that Fields and his partner are merging it with an exciting new platform called Now Beauty Pays. This focuses on healthy hair products (like special shampoos, conditioners and specialized oils for hair) and 100 percent natural skin care products (moisturizers, facial scrubs, wrinkle serum, etc.) developed with their chemists. The hair care line is Lustrous Pearl.

As part of the merger between House of Beautiful Hair and Now Beauty Pays, Fields and his team – aware that some Customer Associates do very well right away, while others struggle developing an active clientele – will be offering a monthly training kit. The purpose of this is to help these associates further develop the skills they need to create and grow a loyal customer base, while increasing the pool of potential referrals who may also become Customer Associates.

Fields is currently writing The Five Rules of Engagement for Every Network Marketing, a book that captures his training approach and the philosophies that have made him successful in multi-level marketing over the years.

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