Business Investment and Consulting Expert, Michael Biancone, Hits Amazon Best-Seller List With New Book, “Power Principles For Success”

Michael Biancone, business consulting and investment expert, recently hit’s Best-Seller List with his new book, “Power Principles for Success.”

Orlando, Fla. – August 18, 2010 – In collaboration with America’s PremierExperts®, Michael Biancone, of MB Investments and Consulting, recently released the book, Power Principles for Success. The book features the authors sharing their biggest success secrets for a life of health, wealth, happiness and prosperity. America’s PremierExperts® is a group of America’s leading experts in various fields of business.  They are celebrity experts who are dedicated to spreading knowledge and awareness in their field of expertise and making significant contributions to their industry and the marketplace as a whole.

Power Principles for Success was released on July 28, 2010.  On the day of release, the book was a #1 Best-Seller in the Direct Marketing category.  The book also reached the best-seller list in two other categories.

Michael Biancone authored a chapter in the book titled, “The Power of Thinking Forward.” As an owner of MB Investments and Consulting, Michael has helped many with special assistance.  It multi facet company helps everyone gain control of their situation.  Whether to assist in saving thousands on yearly expenses, seek out special Projects Director and International Project Director, Michael seeks out lucrative investments with high returns on Bulk REOs or assisting company’s receive higher revenues through counseling programs and personal coaching to individuals seeking greater profits in sales.  Michael has proven success for over thirty years.

Michael’s career began in 1978 with door-to-door sales.  He experienced being Salesperson of the Month right from the start, and since then has been able to cultivate different successful sales opportunities.

In 1983, Michael joined a company involved in land, timeshare, and campground sales, and was promoted in seven months to Sales Director. Acquiring achievements that cannot be duplicated today, Michael held numerous positions in management and received the highest honors and awards possible. In 1989, he moved into their land division and worked successfully the next three years, and brood an idea that fiercely accelerated all revenue.

Michael then accepted a position with a company in Myrtle Beach, SC in 1995 as Director of Sales.  Michael managed to excel from Sales Manager to Project Director, and accomplished feats that were not obtained by any other major company in Myrtle Beach. The company earned over 48 million in gross revenue per year with a non-oceanfront property. Michael’s most heartfelt achievement was giving his personnel the attention and opportunity to be successful.  His successful efforts to help more men and women become successful salespeople and managers were overwhelming.

During his tenor, he had spearheaded resorts in various locations as a consultant, advisor, and trainer to place these properties on a healing and successful track in a short period of time. With his experience and track record, Michael traveled to Charleston, SC and Hilton Head for a few years to bring designated sales organizations up to par and beyond.

From there, Michael helped manage various land development, domestically and abroad. As a Special Projects Director and International Project Director, Michael would seek out special and valuable projects through acquisitions, along with discovering and creating new marketing and innovative selling methods.

In 2009, Michael started MB Investments and Consulting, LLC, a multi-faceted company.  In one division, he assists individuals with credit needs, debt counseling, and mortgage revisions, resulting in thousands of dollars in savings on yearly expenses.  In another division of his company, Michael successfully coaches others arming them with powerful, up to date sales techniques.  This information is assisting his clients to double or triple their earnings.  Large companies are benefiting to a great extent with this same agenda.  The third division of his company, is the investment area in Bulk REOs.  This allows investors as large as, Hedge Funds to have a high ROI, with lowest risk in their portfolio.  Michael is currently in the midst of writing a book on sales and the negotiating techniques he devised over the years.

Michael can successfully help you with your goals as he did with so many.

On Friday, July 30th, America’s PremierExperts® and all of the authors held the official launch party for Power Principles for Success in Times Square in New York City, NY.

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About Michael Biancone:

Michael’s career started in 1978 by selling vacuums door to door. It was a moving and rewarding experience with being the salesperson of the month right from the start. Since then, he has been able to cultivate different successful sales opportunities through the next few years.

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