Business Development Expert And Coach Kenny Chapman Becomes Newest Columnist For Plumbing and Mechanical

Kenny Chapman, “The Blue Collar Coach,” publishes his inaugural column for industry-leading Plumbing and Mechanical Magazine.

Grand Junction, Colo. – May 24, 2011Kenny Chapman, personal and business development expert known as “The Blue Collar Coach,” recently published his first article as a regular contributor for Plumbing and Mechanical Magazine.  Kenny Chapman is now being featured as a monthly columnist for the industry-leading publication.

The inaugural article tackles the subject of leadership within companies.  The article, titled “Your Company Is A Reflection Of You!” discusses how leaders are responsible for company shortcomings as well as successes.

Kenny Chapman writes, “The striking realization that I was completely responsible for my company’s shortcomings was both freeing and intimidating at the same time. After all, I saw myself only as a contractor, not a leadership expert. I didn’t think that I knew how to motivate people. Heck, most of the time it was hard enough to motivate myself to get out of bed and put in another exhausting week.”

“I often coach leaders to contemplate how their companies appear from the outside looking in. Many leaders allow themselves to become victimized by the tough times, focusing on external challenges and factors beyond their control. Remember, you are leading the company. You have the opportunity and ability to guide the vision in the direction of your choice,” continued Chapman.

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Kenny Chapman has become a well-respected expert on business and personal development, from appearing on the cover of P&M magazine to touring/speaking with prominent motivational expert Les Brown. He authored the influential book The Six Dimensions of C.H.A.N.G.E and has created an extensive library of life-changing tools and programs. Kenny covers topics such as leadership, strategy, life balance, and planned implementation, which consistently challenge and enlighten his participants.

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About Kenny Chapman:

Kenny Chapman, “The Blue Collar Coach,” is the highly acclaimed authority on helping people discover their true potential and experience powerful life transformations.  His compelling teachings have inspired individuals worldwide to reshape their lives and organizations, creating lasting change and unparalleled success.

Kenny developed the Blue Collar Coaching System based on the need for more personalized solutions to everyday challenges that fellow business owners experience.

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