Business Consultant, Kelly Bangert, Featured On New York Business Journal


Business Consultant, Kelly Bangert, Featured On New York Business Journal

Kelly Bangert, Owner of Bangert Enterprises International, Inc., was recently featured on New York Business Journal as well as major online media outlets including MarketWatch, Yahoo! Finance, and Los Angeles Business.

Newport Beach, CA – March 17, 2016 – Kelly Bangert is an international speaker and consultant who specializes in training business owners on key business aspects such as entrepreneurship and marketing. Information about his professional journey was recently featured in an article seen on New York Business Journal as well as notable online publications such as MarketWatch, Wall Street Select, Yahoo! Finance, and Los Angeles Business, among many other news outlets.

A portion of Bangert’s feature is below:

Becoming a police officer with the Riverside City Police Department when he was 21, Kelly Bangert achieved a dream that he had all through his childhood growing up in Southern California. Because he grew up poor with a single mom who struggled to feed and clothe him and his siblings, he was grateful for the steady paycheck, medical and dental benefits and opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.

For most people, that would be the epitome of success. But Bangert’s equally unrelenting passion for business and entrepreneurial instincts kicked in quickly, and within six months on the job, he started a construction company out of his apartment bedroom. When he was 28, he was injured in the line of duty and the police department medically retired him – a moment he viewed as a blessing because he could focus full time on his construction company. His success in construction led him to many other successful ventures over the years, and by 2007, he also owned a floor coating business and a mortgage company in addition to buying and selling real estate.

When the economic crash of 2008 began affecting his businesses, Bangert got in a mode of reflecting back on his journey as an entrepreneur and the powerful lessons he had learned the hard way via trial and error.

“This method,” he says, “is extremely expensive and I made more costly mistakes than I could count. For many years, I had been thinking about creating an Entrepreneur Course that could harness the key points of all of my hard-won wisdom and expand upon them with the outside input of other business experts. My idea was to streamline an education for new and struggling entrepreneurs, with an A to Z course that covers it all – how to start a business, understand how business works, the role of an entrepreneur, economic principles, small business basics, business organization and marketing basics.”

Bangert’s story is being featured across various outlets to highlight his accomplishments and share his inspirational road to success. His journey has led him to be considered a leader in the consultancy industry. Through its media distribution, his story will reach an international audience, enabling him to help even more people with his expertise.

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