Author, Speaker and Retirement Planning Expert, Brian Fricke, Offers Retirees Financial Advice With New Special Report

Brian Fricke, Retiree Advocate, is offering a free special report on his website, titled “9 Ways Retirees Screw Up Their Finances.” 

Orlando, Fla. – October 30, 2009 – Brian Fricke, a leading expert in retirement planning and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), is currently offering an online version of his popular special report, 9 Ways Retirees Screw Up Their Finances. Brian wrote this special report to help retirees build a solid foundation for their retirement planning.  Your retirement is not any different than a house. It has to have a foundation. It has to have walls that won’t come crashing down around you. It is a thing that you must have working for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, year in and year out! In other words your retirement cannot be “built” by trial and error,” wrote Fricke. 

 Over 90% of all Americans are not able to build a retirement that will both last for their lifetime, and allow them to live the lifestyle they wish to live.  Pretty scary stuff, when you think about it! In my opinion, the reason that this is the case is because people fall victim to one (or more) of the ‘9 Ways Retirees Screw Up Their Finances’,” Fricke continued. 

Some of the topics covered in this special report include, “Listening To The Wrong People,” “Misunderstanding What Medicare And Social Security Does And Doesn’t Pay For,” “Paying For The Wrong Kinds, And Wrong Amounts, Of Insurance” and “Not Doing Consistent, Careful, Ongoing Planning.” 

Brian goes on to explain how planning should come first and solutions second.  The traditional random method of buying financial products from salespeople (think Vice Presidents at big brokerage firms) is history. A salesperson who does not take the time to help you create a plan before selling you products (or managing your accounts) is not doing you any favors,” remarked Fricke.

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About Brian L. Fricke, CFP®:

Brian Fricke is the Author of “Worry Free Retirement, Do What You Want, When you Want, Where You Want”. 

For the last 6 years in a row Brian and his company – Financial Management Concepts – have been named one of America’s Top Wealth Managers

Orlando Business Journal has named his firm one of the top financial planning companies in Central Florida. Financial Advisor magazine – an industry trade journal- has recognized him as one of the leading financial planning firms in America. 

If you’ve been in Central Florida over 10 years, you may have heard him on the radio. He used to host his own show on WDBO radio. He’s also served on the City of Winter Springs Board of Trustees Pension Fund.  

Brian is a Certified Financial Planner. His firm – Financial Management Concepts – is a Fee Only Financial Planning firm. They currently manage over $98 million of investment assets for a select community of clients. 

Brian has worked with hundreds of retirees and pre-retirees from companies like AT&T, Sprint, Harris, Lockheed Martin and Siemens/Westinghouse.

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