Blue Collar Expert Kenny Chapman Publishes New Article About Life Lessons We Can Learn From Children

Kenny Chapman, Founder of, a world renowned Blue Collar Coaching System for Contractors, writes about how children hold the secrets to success.

Orlando, Fla.March 23, 2011 – Kenny Chapman, Founder of, a world renowned Blue Collar Coaching System for Contractors, recently published an Article on his website ( about the success secrets children can teach us. The article, titled “Children are Geniuses,” delves into the lessons children can teach us about success in all aspects of life.  Observing children can open our eyes to the simplicity of the world and how we’ve managed to complicate it.

Kenny Chapman writes, “ As we grow older we place a higher and higher importance on what other people think we SHOULD be doing rather than what our instincts beg us to do.” specializes in developing simple, concise strategies that help contractors of all types reach their own business and personal goals.

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About Kenny Chapman “The Blue Collar Coach”:

An entrepreneur at heart, Kenny has successfully built a highly profitable plumbing/HVAC company, which created personal freedom that allows him to travel and pursue other endeavors. His goal is to help others achieve success and fulfillment in their own lives.

Kenny has become a well-respected expert on business and personal development, from appearing on the cover of P&M magazine to touring/speaking with prominent motivational expert Les Brown. He authored the influential book The Six Dimensions of C.H.A.N.G.E and has created an extensive library of life-changing tools and programs. Kenny covers topics such as leadership, strategy, life balance, and planned implementation which consistently challenge and enlighten his participants.

Kenny developed the Blue Collar Coaching System based on the need for more personalized solutions to everyday challenges that fellow business owners experience. If you’ve ever wondered, “if there’s a better way,” there is, and Kenny shares it with you through his comprehensive coaching program.

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