Best Selling Author of “The Fit Formula” Dustin Williams Gives Fitness Trends the Boot and Makes it Personal

Bentonville, AR – January 25, 2013 – Dustin Williams, owner of Precision Fitness in Bentonville, Arkansas, is no slave to trends, which in the highly competitive world of the fitness industry, is like choosing to run in the opposite direction of a marathon – you risk getting trampled. “The fitness industry constantly changes,” he acknowledges, but in the same breath, he boldly tackles the three major fitness fads of the moment:  online calorie counting, the Cross Fit craze, and boot camps.

When it comes to online calorie counting programs, Dustin is downright dismissive: “People are so focused on calories in, calories out, but that’s not exactly how it works. Counting calories isn’t a bad thing – but people think that ‘based on my activity level, I can eat 2000 calories per day.’ What they don’t know is that there are different types of calories, and different body types.” If the dieter misgauges the rate they burn calories, they’ll end up gaining weight even if they stay within their daily calorie goals.

With fitness trends growing towards increasingly intense exercises, Dustin again questions the dominant ideology. “People think more is better, and it’s hard to explain to people that it’s not. You’ve got programs out there like Cross Fit, and the average individual cannot do the exercises they promote safely.” Though he adds that Cross Fit works well for people who are already in good shape. As for the extremely popular boot camps, he says “It doesn’t take a fitness expert to make you want to vomit, or feel like you can barely breathe.” Dustin Williams votes for a more modern approach to addressing the individual needs of his clients.

Just like no two bodies burn calories the same way, no two bodies react to sitting for 40 to 50 hours a week in the same way, and Williams says many of his clients come in unable to correctly perform many normal exercises. Adding strenuous exercise to dysfunctional movement risks serious injury, so new members of his group personal training classes take a Functional Movement Screening (FMS) test to check their movement patterns. If those patterns don’t reflect normal function, he designs individual exercises to restore proper movement.

While the emphasis in many fitness programs, including calorie counting, Cross Fit, and boot camps, is to lose weight, the classes at Precision Fitness emphasize a healthy overall lifestyle that every modern professional can fit into his or her schedule. It’s not trendy, but in a time when technology chains us to our desks, it’s what we need.

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