Best-Selling Author Barbara Hales, M.D. Featured in Newsweek

Barbara Hales, M.D., President of “The Medical Strategist,” was recently featured in Newsweek as one of America’s PremierExperts.

Boynton Beach, Fla. – February 15, 2013 – Barbara Hales, M.D., best-selling author and health care reform expert, was recently featured in Newsweek with other leading professionals as one of America’s PremierExperts’® “Champions.” In the Newsweek feature, Barbara Hales and other leading experts from various industries were asked for their “Knockout Strategies on Health, Wealth and Success.”

Dr. Hales remarked, “Stop Listening to Your Doctor…Start Partnering With Your Doctor. Now that we are at a crossroads of healthcare, it is crucial that we each move toward taking control of our own health care destiny. As a medical strategist and patient advocate, I help empower people to seek solutions to their health problems and get the most complete, unbiased and accurate information regarding benefits, risks and options. Patients need to understand their healthcare options and I help patients get the medical care they REALLY NEED!

With an excess of 30 years of professional involvement in the healthcare field, Barbara Hales is a uniquely qualified writer for the medical and health market. A medical doctor, Barbara worked in obstetrics and gynecology for three decades. She also has unparalleled experience in writing, serving as CEO of The Write Treatment, LLC. and Editor-in-Chief of “The Medical Strategist”. Dr. Hales is a skilled expert in the promotion of ideas, which serve to educate and enlighten an audience. Her services include editorials and case studies, newsletters, white papers, web content and patient guides to name a few. Barbara maintains a focus on health and wellness and works tirelessly to showcase quality services and products.

Barbara Hales, M.D. is also the best-selling author of the book Power to the Patient: The Medical Strategist. The book explores an ever-changing health care industry and how we can move toward taking control of our own health care destiny. Some of the chapters in the book include: “Preventive Medicine,” “Trust in Medicine,” “Personalized Medicine,” “Health Literacy,” “The Doctor-Patient Relationship,” “Personal Health Records” and others.

Learn more about Barbara Hales and The Medical Strategist at Dr. Hales is available for speaking engagements.

About Barbara Hales, M.D.:

Barbara’s clients have said the following about her work: “If it’s captivating, benefit-driven copy you need, Barbara will provide it. She combines professional knowledge with a unique conversational tone to write excellent promotions.” “It is always a joy to read Barbara’s copy. She has a wonderful way of painting a picture with her words. I am always drawn into the story and want to know more. I expect great work from her in the future.”

Barbara holds an M.D. degree from the Rosalind Franklin University Medical School of Chicago, earned in 1976 and a Bachelor of Arts from Hofstra University, earned in 1972. Dr. Hales has been nominated to Cambridge Who’s Who in 2009 and elected as the 2010 Professional of the Year representing the Medical Copywriting Industry. When not actively working,  Barbara enjoys spending time with her devoted husband and two wonderful children. Barbara also enjoys tennis, golfing, photography and scuba diving.

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