Azizan Osman Hits Amazon Best-Seller Lists with “Beat the Curve”

Azizan Osman recently hit two Amazon Best-Seller lists in the United States and Canada with “Beat the Curve.”

azizan osman photo 2SELANGOR, MALAYSIA; February 4, 2016: Azizan Osman recently joined a select group of business experts and entrepreneurs from around the world, along with Brian Tracy to co-write the book, Beat The Curve: The World’s Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals Reveal Their Secrets To Outperforming The Status Quo in Health, Wealth and Success.”  CelebrityPress™, a leading business book publisher, released the book on January 21, 2016.

On the day of release, Beat the Curve reached best-seller status in two Amazon categories including #10 in “Direct Marketing” and #15 in “Marketing for Small Business.” Azizan Osman contributed at chapter called “Live By Design, Not By Destiny.”

CelebrityPress™ describes the book:

Beat The Status Quo! Those who wish to improve are willing to make changes, others are dreamers.

As Henry Ford so aptly put it: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” While this does not mean you have been unsuccessful, aspirations to move to a higher standard will require changes. What changes can a book like this offer? 

Beat The Curve is a compilation of authors who have outperformed the status quo. Their fields are different and their approaches are varied. Their ability and passion for their work, coupled with their perseverance, have allowed these Celebrity Experts® to soar to a higher level. While they have developed their successes in different ways, there are the common threads throughout. Why not be guided by a mountain climber who has been to the top before? To quote the Chinese philosopher, Confucius: Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.

With the expert help available in the pages of this book, you will not only learn from their successes and their failures, but you will now have their guidance to help Beat The Curve.

After such a successful release, Azizan Osman will be recognized by The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors™, an organization that honors authors from many of the leading independent best seller lists.

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A portion of the royalties earned from Beat the Curve will be given to Entrepreneur’s International Foundation, a not for profit organization dedicated to creating unique launch campaigns to raise money and awareness for charitable causes.

More About Dr Azizan Osman:

Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Business & Marketing Strategist, Success Coach and Philanthropist

 As the Founder and Chairman of Richworks Group of Companies, Dr Azizan Osman has pioneered and home-grown various personal development and entrepreneurial training programmes that has touched the lives of over half a million participants from all walks of life since its establishment in 2008.

His mission and passion to educate Malaysians with focus on developing the Malay community whom are far behind in progress of the current socio-economic state of the country, grew from his personal experiences and need of a mentor more than a decade ago when he was badly hit with financial debts and challenges.

Since the establishment of his enterprise, Azizan has dedicated his life to being a social entrepreneur to lead and mentor more social entrepreneurs from his programmes. A feather to his cap, Azizan has to date created a pool of highly successful entrepreneurial millionaires, many of whom are now mastering and teaching the art of making the first million as a benchmark to financial freedom.

“A Millionaire,” once remained an impossible dream and belief by the masses of this country, is now a possible reality for many due to Azizan’s hard work and training through sharing of personal experiences, knowledge and expertise on how individuals can build businesses, financial wealth and strong investment portfolios to sustain their economic wellbeing.

Azizan revolutionized personal development and entrepreneurial education in Malaysia as opportunities to learn were limited and unknown several years back. From his efforts and expertise in being a market leader, today, many are emulating his successes in personal development and financial wealth training that is presently a booming industry in the country.

His Early Life

Azizan has been a serial entrepreneur all his life. He started as a teenager selling food, books and just about anything from his dormitory during his campus days. He had two formal education, in a Chinese and a Muslim religious school. Both education set the very foundation for Azizan’s business acumen and the core values in his life today.

He later pursued his Diploma in Investment Analysis in UiTM, Johor. Being a lifelong learner, Azizan continued to pursue his education throughout his career.

Today, Azizan has earned multiple international certifications and recognition in human science behavior, neuro-semantic and neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, professional training, leadership management, guerilla marketing and is a certified life and motivational coach.

His Career

Azizan’s first experience in the corporate world was in a stock-broking firm. He developed a keen passion on stock investments while in college. A year later, he pursued a career in sales. He made several unsuccessful business ventures and was in deep financial debts.

Picking himself up from 2001, he worked as an executive in Appco Group (UK), one of the largest and most successful global sales and marketing companies. His great track record and exceptional marketing talent opened up a lot of opportunities for Azizan. He shot to meteoric success and was given the chance to build his own company sponsored by his employers. He built a team of talented marketers under his leadership as Managing Director & Organizational Head for Malaysia.

During his tenure in the corporate world, Azizan successfully lead a team of 1,500 employees with his expertise in integrated marketing and advertising to manage massive marketing campaigns nationwide for various organisations from SMEs to corporate giants.

For his meaningful and highly successful years of service under the London-based organization, Azizan received fourteen personal accolades for his outstanding performance and success in the fields of leadership, management, human resource management, advertising as well as marketing, in which he holds a strong passion.

He then took his credibility to another level when he was awarded the ‘Chairman’s International Platinum Award’, the highest accolade to be handed out by the organization, after only two years of service. As an international marketer, Azizan is a certified Guerrilla-Marketer mentored by Jay Conrad Levinson. Azizan has also been mentored by two internationally acclaimed Life & Business Coach, Robin Sharma & Tony Robbins.


Pursuing His Dream

In 2008, Azizan made a bold move to pursue his life-long dream of owning his own company. He brought on board his vast experiences to be shared with those in need of his expertise. His experiences with hardship and failure made him one not to be defeated. He began to reflect on the fundamental laws governing success and failure. His theories and experiences became the stepping stone for his next multimillion dollar business which brought him huge financial success and ultimate fulfillment.


His Achievements, Recognitions & Contributions

Today, as coach and best-selling author, Azizan has trained over 650,000 people, empowering them with priceless knowledge to succeed in life and business. He has helped countless small business owners and multinationals generate revenues reaching millions in annual sales. To the masses, he is renowned as a Success Coach & Asia’s No.1 Marketing Maestro.

Being Asia ‘s largest event organizer for seminar and training programs in human resource development and entrepreneurship,  in 2012, the Malaysia Book of Records awarded Azizan and his team the recognition of being the largest event and seminar organizer in Malaysia in the field of entrepreneurial development, marketing and motivation. In 2014, more than 140,000 participants attended his seminars and 8,000 participants has been the ultimate record for the highest number of participants in one single seminar event to date.

Azizan continues to inspire and create a growing phenomenon in Malaysia and Asia as he champions his mission for lifelong learning to achieve ultimate success, wealth, happiness, love, serenity and health through unlocking the human potential and entrepreneurship. We have seen in recent years, the growing interest of many Malaysians especially the Malay community that are now venturing into various businesses, wealth building and investment opportunities available in the market both locally and internationally.

As an acclaimed writer, he has authored and co-authored 10 books among which “Magnet Kekayaan & Kejayaan” and “Kuasai Pemasaran Rahsia Menarik Pelanggan” are the most sought after and bestseller series. “21 Formula Hidup Luar Biasa” and “Kenapa Saya Mahu Anda Berjaya” are his more recent titles published in 2014 and 2015 respectively. In 2015, Azizan also ventured into co-authoring with Brian Tracy, an internationally distinguished professional speaker, bestselling author, entrepreneur and success expert.

Azizan has also developed several self-formulated marketing concepts and business strategies, namely ‘M.E.S.T.I’ which he shares in greater detail with his audiences through his programs.

His contributions in philanthropic work are as far outreaching as his role to educate the community. Azizan is the Founder of RICHWELL, a charitable NGO which raises funds to help support those in poverty, underprivileged, disabled, women and children as well as various social causes affecting the community locally and internationally including flood and war-stricken victims.

Azizan’s success has been well documented by the local media for his desire and sheer determination to help individuals and business owners to achieve their fullest potential in life and in their respective industries. His aid comes in various forms including talks, seminars, personal coaching, online training, blog, books and videos, his daily engagement on social media as well as his frequent columns in Malaysia’s leading newspapers besides appearing on television and radio programs on a regular basis.

Azizan who started building his business from the bottom doesn’t believe that having a high academic qualification will guarantee one’s ability to build a successful business. With only a Diploma in Investment Analysis from UiTM in 1996, he proved that he was capable of building his own business till he achieved his first million in 2006.

Nevertheless, Azizan never stops learning. He strongly champions lifelong learning be it academic, professional or through self-development.

About Richworks Group of Companies:

 Currently, Azizan is the proud owner of a conglomerate comprising of twenty-seven subsidiaries under the Richworks Group of Companies flagship with trades in advertising, marketing consultation, publications, IT, web solutions, wellness, event management, corporate services, education, property and investments besides coaching and training.

 Established since 2008, Richworks through its Founder & Success Coach has been providing personal development trainings and business coaching to help adult learners to create real and lasting performance improvement through behavior change, where an individual transforms for the better through realization of their hidden potentials and purpose in life. Upon unlocking their potentials, business is taught as a platform that helps individuals in wealth creation and financial freedom.

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