Aviator Teaches Companies to Fly High and Fast

Petaluma, CA – November 28, 2011 – Prolific business leader and five-time successful entrepreneur Peter Howley has advised and acted as interim CEO for more than thirty companies in the past twenty years.   His particular talent for piloting businesses and navigating markets may well stem from his earlier years with the U.S. Air Force.

Founder of the California-based Howley Management Group, Howley has an impressive track record leading both start-up and later stage companies in a variety of industries ranging from technology to healthcare, and including yacht imports. The Philadelphia native earned his MBA at NYU and built an extensive business resume on the East Coast before heading out west.

Howley loves a good disruptive business.  Where disruptive refers to those innovative start-up companies that emerge from nowhere to suddenly change the rules for everybody else, he has years of insider experience breaking out of boxes and setting new boundaries.

Fueled by a passion for keeping up with the latest trends in technology, he believes that core business principles never change.  “No matter how technology evolves, proven processes and concepts endure,” he says. “Superior technology and brilliant innovation, by themselves, rarely succeed.  Experience counts.  Entrepreneurs can either hire someone like me, or try and do things the hard way.”

As an advisor, active board member and management consultant, Howley draws on battle-proven experience to help companies take good ideas and turn them into great businesses.  Then he pulls up the throttle—accelerating growth to dominate the marketplace.

In the 90s, Howley worked closely with the founders of Exodus Communications (Nasdaq: EXDS), a global web hosting company, which holds the NASDAQ record for 13 consecutive quarters of greater than 40 percent revenue growth.  One of every three to four Internet crossing packets traversed the Exodus network at its peak.

According to Howley, business is both a Science and an Art.  The “Science” essentially involves decision-making based on cold facts, market analysis and customer surveys.  It is critical for companies to continually do a reality check on their own business and industry when making strategic and tactical plans and decisions.  “Executives and managers have to be careful,” he says, “not to fall into the old trap of believing their own hype. They need to verify and re-verify in the marketplace their beliefs and assumptions”

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