Automotive Marketing Expert Roe Hubbard Publishes New Article Outlining 8 Ways to Build Trust with Customers on the Web

Roe Hubbard, CEO of Spotlight Dealers of America, The #1 endorsed sales event company in the world, reveals eight specific strategies that help you to build trust with your customers online.  

Chicago, Illinois — August 18, 2016 — Successful entrepreneur and automotive marketing expert Roe Hubbard recently published a new blog, “8 Ways to Build Trust with Customers on the Web.”

Roe HubbardHubbard starts off the article by explaining how there are important components of every website that are necessary to inspire trust in customers. As he says, “One of the first interactions potential customers today will have with your business is your website. Consumers in this day and age almost always check out the website of a company before ever making the first personal contact.”

He goes on to explain, “Therefore, you must start building trust with these potential customers the moment they hit your site. Adding to this pressure, studies show you’ve only got a few seconds to establish the foundation of trust when visitors hit your homepage. That is why this goal – building trust – must be at the forefront of everything the customer will see and do from this point forward.”

Hubbard then shares 8 specific ways your website can convey and develop trust between your business and your target market.

The full article can be found here:

About Roe Hubbard

Roe Hubbard, is a best-selling author, Spike TV and A&E celebrity Automotive Sales host, the Leading Expert Trainer & Promoter for retail car business, AND founder of the #1 endorsed sales event company in America.

Members Only Automotive, also known as The MOA Group, Is an elite group of Spotlight Dealers showcased in the US.  For mass media, he’s featured his Spotlight Dealers of America in major publications such as Forbes, USA Today, and Wall Street journal, and national coverage on Fox, ABC, NBC, and CBS.

Roe Hubbard created and founded the “For the Community” Spotlight Dealer program, the 1-week Community event, with a spotlight dealer Host, partnered with a local Spotlight charity, and features them on over 150k Car & Buyer magazines, with local news media coverage for direct media and promotion, which has produced millions in additional profits for his Spotlight Dealers & has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Spotlight Charities’ local non-profit organizations.

Roe is also a Mega-Speaker/Trainer for the automotive industry and helps thousands of sales departments across the country reach their goals.  Roe lives in Chicago, IL, married to Brittany Hubbard, and has 2 sons, Mason & Landon, and 2 daughters, Julia & Avery.

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