Author Sindy Mils Introduces The Smoker’s Diet Website To Help Smokers Quit Naturally in 3 Days

The Smoker’s Diet website, an online accompaniment of the popular book, offers smokers natural ways quit smoking and regain self-control.

Nova Scotia, Canada . – April 8, 2011Sindy Mils, author of The Smoker’s Diet, has recently launched the website,, a site that combines ‘designer diet’ with ‘affirmative mindset’ to help smokers regain self control and ditch their smoking habit, once for all.

In a recent blog post titled “Welcome to The Smoker’s Diet,” Sindy writes, “Smoking cigarettes is the leading preventable cause of death, and nearly 1 in 5 die every year in North America because of it. Up until now, smokers had no easy, logical way to stop. Smoking cessation products, books and techniques on the market often fail because they do not provide a holistic solution for success.”

The Smoker’s Diet addresses the dual nature of addiction, as it breaks addiction down into manageable parts—a two-fold task of re-learning and chemical cleanse,” Mils continues.

The Smoker’s Diet guide helps smokers quit smoking in 3 days, while discovering that suffering through ‘abstinence’ and clinging to the concept of withdrawals and cravings are a state of mind they have control over.  The book explains how utilizing this method will also lead to temporary weight loss without transferring the dependency into unhealthy binge eating habits.

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About Sindy Mils:

From corporate Wall Street banking PR to author, Sindy Mils offers insight into addiction behaviour in contemporary society through her two books, The Smoker’s Diet, a self-help guide to quit smoking and Purple Mike, addiction fiction for at-risk youth. She holds a Bachelor of Public Relations from Mount Saint Vincent University and lives in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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