Attorney Scott Miller Featured in USA Today and Other Major Media Outlets

Scott Miller, California wage law attorney, was recently featured in USA Today as well as major online media outlets, including Yahoo!Finance, Morningstar, CNBC, MarketWatch and many others.

Sherman Oaks, CA – December 14, 2012 – Scott Miller, attorney and founder of the Law Offices of Scott A Miller, was recently featured in USA Today with other leading legal professionals from around the country as one of America’s PremierExperts® “Legal Elite.” A feature story about Scott Miller was also recently seen on the online home pages of major publications such as Yahoo! Finance, CNBC, The Boston Globe, The Miami Herald, Morningstar, Los Angeles Daily News and MarketWatch, among many others.

In the USA Today feature, several of the Nation’s leading attorneys were showcased. Here is what was written about Scott Miller, Esq.:

Attorney, Scott Miller has been representing California Employees, since 2004. His dedication and attention to detail from the initial interview stage going forward has resulted in millions of dollars in unpaid wages and penalties for his clients. If you are a current or former employee who has not received wages or has suffered violations of the Labor Code, feel free to contact my office at (800) 417-2008.

In addition to wage law related work, Miller anticipates also applying his expertise in the area of consumer issues related to unfair fees, deceptive advertising, and privacy related matters.  He will also be co-authoring the book, Consumer’s Advocate.

To read the full feature story about Scott Miller, as seen on CNBC, Morningstar, CBS MoneyWatch, The Houston Chronicle and others, please visit

Additional information about Miller and his law firm is available at or by calling his office at 800-417-2008.

More about Scott Miller:

Scott Miller, attorney and founder of the Law Offices of Scott A Miller, wages a daily fight for the rights of the “little guy” when they are being treated unfairly by their employer.  Miller, a member of the California State Bar, represents clients throughout the state of California when it comes to any type of unfair treatment in the workplace.  With unfair employer tactics being perpetrated and violations of the California Labor Laws and the Federal Wage and Hour Regulations being evidenced, many workers are being short-changed from compensation to which they are entitled.  That’s where Miller comes into the picture.  A self-described, “little guy friendly” attorney, he has established himself as one of the leading experts in the country related to employee-employer disputes.

With an undergraduate degree from the University of California-Irvine and a law degree from the University of West Los Angeles, Miller has been practicing law since 2004.  He has a genuine concern for people that are taken advantage of in the work place.  According to Miller, “Most of our clients don’t always fully understand what is wrong.  They just know something is not right about how they are being compensated for their work.  Through a very thorough intake process, we are able to determine the problem and guide them through a long term resolution.”  Miller continues, “It is not enough to just recover money that was not paid to an employee, employers must change their practices and abide by the law when it comes to fair wages and proper treatment of their employees.”

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