Andy Eilers Named Executive Producer For Upcoming Feature “Real Heroes: The Rudy Story”

Andy Eilers Named Executive Producer For Upcoming Feature “Real Heroes: The Rudy Story”

Andy Eilers is joining with DNA Films®, an Emmy® Award-winning film production company, to be featured as Executive Producer in the new documentary short called “Real Heroes: The Rudy Story.”

Roseville, CA – February 22, 2017 – Andy Eilers has signed as a Executive Producer in a new documentary short film from DNA Films® titled “Real Heroes: The Rudy Story.” Five-time Emmy Award winning Director, Producer and Filmmaker Nick Nanton is gearing up to helm a documentary on the real story of Rudy Ruettiger, famously known as the inspiration for the 1993 film, Rudy. This documentary will tell Rudy’s full story along with the journey of making the movie, which truly embodies the phrase, “Never give up on anything.”

As and Executive Producer, Andy is invited to participate in the filming of a live, intimate interview with Rudy himself, where he explain all the different paths he took to achieve his dream and share the journey he had to take after realizing his life’s goals.

The film, tentatively titled “Real Heroes™: The Rudy Story,” begins principal photography in April 2017 in South Bend, Indiana, where The University of Notre Dame is located.

More About Andy Eilers:

Andy Eilers works with individuals and organizations as a personal and professional coach. His goal is to assist people in achieving their personal and professional goals through teaching, leadership, motivation, and executive coaching. For over 25 years, he has also served in several industries as an expert in sales and marketing. Andy has a BA in Economics, with a minor in Communication Studies from CSU Sacramento. He also earned an MA is Psychology with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership from the University of the Rockies in Denver, Colorado. Andy is a proud member of the Golden Key Honour Society, which recognizes graduate students who graduate with a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Andy has dedicated his life to studying and following many of the greatest teachers and motivators of our time including: Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Peter Drucker, Dale Carnegie, and Steve Forbes.   He is also a National Best-Selling Author, including award-winning contributions in “In It to Win It” with Tom Hopkins, “The Secret to Winning Big” with Brian Tracy, and “Successonomics” with Steve Forbes. Andy also wrote and recorded an audio program with Tom Hopkins emphasizing his passion for personal and professional development titled, “Ask Yourself This… How Can I Create a Better Life?” Contact Andy for more information on how he can work directly with you to Follow Your Passion and Live Your Life by emailing him at [email protected].

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About DNA Films®:

DNA Films® is led by five-time Emmy® Award Winning Director and Producer, Nick Nanton and Emmy® Award Winning Producer, JW Dicks. Dicks and Nanton have produced multiple award winning films including Return to Esperanza, Visioneer: The Peter Diamandis Story, Esperanza, Mi Casa Hogar and Jacob’s Turn. Their productions have won several Emmys and together they have been awarded dozens of Telly Awards for excellence in television and film production.  Combined, they have produced and directed more than 500 television episodes and dozens of films.

Dicks and Nanton’s goal is to bring the uniqueness of entrepreneurs and their stories to the big screen as a means of encouraging a new generation of entrepreneurs and strengthening the economy.


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