An Article Warning Of Aggressive IRS Tactics Has Just Been Published By Nick Nemeth, A Dallas Tax Attorney

Nick Nemeth, the Founder of The Law Office of Nick Nemeth PLLC, urges taxpayers to seek expert help while in a tax dispute with the IRS.

Dallas, TX –July 9, 2014– Nick Nemeth, the managing attorney at Nick Nemeth PLLC, a tax resolution firm, has published a brand new article, aimed at educating the public about IRS strategy, on the home page of his internet site. The article, titled “The IRS Will Take Advantage of You if You Let Them, Here are Five Strategies They’ll Use” sheds light on common IRS tactics.

Nick Nemeth writes, “A tax dispute represents the worst nightmare of most taxpayers. The IRS is known for its intimidating tactics and brutal collection process. And because the tax code is hopelessly complicated, the IRS knows that the average taxpayer doesn’t fully understand it, and therefore the IRS can get away with a lot more than they should be able to.

In this article we cover five ways that the IRS takes advantage of taxpayers. Don’t let this happen to you – make sure to have an experienced tax attorney on your team!

1) The IRS will do everything they can to make your life miserable. The IRS has the ability to make your life miserable – threatening phone calls, intimidating letters, even in-person visits from a revenue officer. And they’ll continue to intimidate you and your family until you give in. That’s why you need a lawyer on your team, fighting for your rights!

2) The IRS takes advantage of the increasingly complicated tax code. The tax code is impossibly complicated, and the IRS knows that most taxpayers today don’t have a thorough understanding. So they’ll take advantage of your lack of knowledge, fully aware that you may be leaving money on the table in your tax controversy. Don’t take on the IRS without a tax lawyer on your side.

3) The IRS will use all information you give them – even if it was by mistake. Many taxpayers mistakenly give the IRS more information than they asked for. The IRS doesn’t care if this was a mistake or not – they’ll use any information you provide to strengthen their case against you. It’s critical that you don’t give the IRS anything more than they are legally entitled to demand.”

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About Nick Nemeth:

For Nick Nemeth, IRS problem solving goes well beyond saving money for his clients. As a tax attorney and business owner who has practiced law for more than 15 years, Nemeth runs the Law Offices of Nick Nemeth, a small boutique tax law firm located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The firm works to help individuals and businesses overcome their IRS problems.

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