Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove’s Results Fitness Is Changing The Way Fitness Is Done

NYC’s Loss Is Southern California’s Gain: Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove’s Results Fitness Is Changing The Way Fitness Is Done – And Facility Owners Around The World Are Now Emulating Their Model

Santa Clarita, Calif. – December 28, 2011 – Launched in 2000 by Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove, Results Fitness – a multi-faceted Santa Clarita, California based facility — has been voted one of the Top 10 Gyms in America by Men’s Health Magazine. The couple’s commitment to their mission of changing the way fitness is achieved has brought over 50 new fitness business owners and coaches from all over the world—including England, Spain, Switzerland and Lebanon—to Results Fitness to learn how to emulate the Cosgroves’ successful system.

Both Alwyn and Rachel share their unique expertise with the world as successful authors of fitness books. Rachel’s The Female Body Breakthrough: The Revolutionary Strength-Training Plan for Losing Fat and Getting the Body You Want (2009) offers a revolutionary plan that uses a combination of innovative strength training and sensible nutrition. Alwyn has co-authored several books with fitness writer Lou Schuler, including the 2010 work The New Rules of Lifting for Abs: A Myth-Busting Fitness Plan for Men and Women Who Want a Strong Core and a Pain-Free Back – in which the authors debunk ab-training myths while showing readers how to strip off stubborn flab.

“We wanted to provide a place where the standard of fitness training and coaching was higher than what motivated people could get anywhere else,” she adds. “A key factor was creating an aesthetic that was far from the ‘big box gym’ feeling, and we knew any chance we had to be successful would be based on our dedication to superior individualized customer service.”

Fulfilling the Cosgroves’ founding mission to be innovative, Results Fitness is on the cutting edge of the industry bringing the hottest fitness craze in North America, Group Coaching Classes, to their facility. Many people strength train with weights while others do cardio or aerobics. Somewhere between these is their group coaching, which allows clients to get the benefits of both.

The concept is set-up in group class with certified instructors using tools including kettlebells, sand bags, ropes, medicine balls, TRX’s (suspension training rings) and other fun, different equipment. This type of training is a great way to shake things up and give clients a full body workout, burn calories and get the metabolism stirring.

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