Agency Owner (First Family Life), Speaker, Master Coach and Author, Peter Blount, Hits Amazon Best-Seller List with “Pay It Forward”

Peter Blount ranked on an Amazon best-seller list with the new book, “Pay It Forward,” Coauthored with Brian Tracy.

Palm Bay, FL –March 05, 2021 – Peter Blount, Agency Owner (First Family Life), Speaker, Master Coach and Author, joined Brian Tracy along with a select group of professionals around the world to co-write the book, Pay It Forward: The world’s leading entrepreneurs and professionals reveal their biggest lessons to help you achieve greater health, wealth and success.  The book was published by CelebrityPress®, a leading business book publisher that publishes books from ThoughtLeaders® around the world and was released on February 13th, 2021.


On the day of release, Pay It Forward reached best-seller status on Amazon—reaching as high as #16 on the Direct Marketing list.  The expert information shared in Peter’s chapter, “It’s Not Over” has helped the book reach optimal best-seller placement and will help readers gain similar success in their endeavors.


CelebrityPress® describes the book as empowering to all small business owners around the world with the following:

Success can only be measured by your own yardstick. We use the achievement of goals, whatever they may be, to measure and compare our successes. Some measurements may include public recognition or assets we accumulate, perhaps improving the lives of others, or any other goal(s) you set. There are numerous facets to the diamond of success. One facet is that successful people dedicate a part of their lives to helping others, particularly the idea of Paying It Forward.

We often think of everyday life in terms of “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.” However, this is merely the act of returning the eye, the tooth or the money, in short… a loan repayment that is required and expected. On the other hand, the idea of “paying it forward” is an old concept of repaying a kindness to someone other than the one who helped you in the first instance. Such selfless and often unexpected help expands the circle of helping hands-like the multiple ripples caused by a single rock thrown into water.

The Celebrity Experts® in this book have enjoyed their success and are willing to share their achievements with you. Their coaching and guidance in this book will move you forward to your success easier and faster than if you work entirely on your own. They have the experience that can shorten your trip to the finish line and help you to avoid many of their mistakes.

After such a successful release, Peter Blount will be recognized by The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors®, an organization that honors authors from many of the leading independent best-seller lists.

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A portion of the royalties earned from Pay It Forward will be given to Entrepreneur’s International Fund, an organization dedicated to creating awareness for charitable causes.


About Peter

Peter Blount has been a financial services field underwriter, business owner, professional athlete, teacher, coach, consultant, and speaker. He has represented the USA in a winter sport by being one of the first US athletes to set foot in East Germany after the wall came down in 1989, as well as represented the USA in a Spring Sport as a member of a team that went to Cuba (1983). It would be the first time a team had gone from the United States to Cuba since the Bay of Pigs incident in 1961!

After a lifelong series of notable achievements and honors, in 2017, he experienced a challenging three-month stretch that included a life- threatening auto accident, a divorce, and the news that his beloved mother was in the last stage of cancer. A man of Faith, he spent the next three years in transition, seeking answers. In 2020, exactly three years to the day that his tests of faith began, he received what he needed to continue the impact that was so instrumental in his previous successes.

He will now heed to the calling that he has received to impact lives with what was revealed to him during his time of transformation.

Recently, he was named to his third Hall of Fame honor and was also selected to collaborate in the writing of a book with a best-selling author.


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