Adiyb Muhammad Hits Amazon Best-Seller List With Masters of Success!


Adiyb Muhammad Hits Amazon Best-Seller List With Masters of Success!

Thought Leader, author, and entrepreneur Adiyb Muhammad recently hit two best-seller lists with the new book, Masters of Success!

Washington, DC – October 10, 2016 – Adiyb Muhammad has joined Brian Tracy, a select group of entrepreneurs from around the world, along with international best-selling authors, Marketing experts, and leading agents to Celebrity Experts® worldwide, JW Dicks, Esq. and Nick Nanton, Esq. to co-write the book titled, Masters of Success: The World’s Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals Reveal Their Secrets for Mastering Success in Health, Wealth, & Lifestyle. The book was published by CelebrityPress® and released on August 25, 2016.

adiybcropOn the day of release, Masters of Success reached best-seller status in one category – reaching as high as #10 in the category “Direct Marketing” and #56 in the category “Sales & Selling.” Adiyb contributed a chapter titled “Creating the Current – How a Passion Can Become Your Way to Peace and Financial Stability.”

CelebrityPress® describes the book:

The consistent accomplishment of a task or goal over a relevant time spectrum will make you a master of success. Note that accomplishment, consistency and a relevant time frame are all factors in mastering success in this day and age. The Celebrity Experts(r) in this book can mentor you in their specialties, pointing out the dos and don’ts of their successes and failures on their journey. While success may sometimes be accomplished through personal experience alone, mentoring will invariably reduce the time needed to master any task. As an added bonus to this book, you will recognize some of the common qualities of successful people – including risk taking, creative thinking and a willingness to persevere. Learning to master skills is as old as the hills and the key to our progress. Over the years, mankind has learned and mastered tasks as diverse as hunting woolly mammoths and building cell phones. It was Walt Disney who said that all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. What say you try to accomplish your goals in this light? Start today to become the Master of Success for your goal(s). The roads are there . . .

After such a successful release, Muhammad will be recognized by The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors™, an organization that honors authors from many of the leading independent best-seller lists.

Click HERE to order a copy of Masters of Success: The World’s Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals Reveal Their Secrets for Mastering Success in Health, Wealth, & Lifestyle.

A portion of the royalties earned from Masters of Success will be given to Entrepreneur’s International Foundation, a not for profit organization dedicated to creating unique launch campaigns to raise money and awareness for charitable causes.

About Adiyb Muhammad:

Adiyb Muhammad is a native of Washington, D.C. who, after years of working successfully as a major account executive for a few technology companies, stumbled upon his passion for acting. So, at the age of 50, Adiyb began a journey that gave rise to a company Black Carpet Productions that helps aspiring playwrights get their plays produced. Adiyb has a drive to help as many actors and producers develop quality work by bringing them together to create meaningful projects with some sort of important theme. Since his initial activities, Adiyb started Black Carpet Productions and he never stopped being involved in entertainment projects. He appeared in several very popular shows on Netflix, TV One, BET and Lifetime Movie Network.

Adiyb is an avid reader of motivational and business success material and has developed a unique business coaching method for actors as they pursue their careers. “Treat it as a business with less reliance from others to reach your goals.” He calls this approach simply, “Creating the current.”

Adiyb has been successful in making several transitions in his life that all lead to what he calls true success doing something that helps or serves people in some way. His opportunity to co-author with Brian Tracy is a result of his “Create the Current” philosophy. This mindset changed his life forever and he began to get more joy and happiness to influence and control experiences.

Adiyb is both humbled and grateful for the opportunity to share with the world what he sees as a means to bring unimaginable contentment and fulfillment. He helps his clients by:

  • providing them the insight and confidence to begin to “create the currents” in their           lives.
  • identifying their passion and developing a strategic approach to pursuit that passion.
  • giving them tools that help them experience their success.

Adiyb speaks before groups to help them see that where they find themselves in success is an ongoing opportunity to serve and help others, for we are all connected.

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About Celebrity Press®:

Celebrity Press® is a leading business, health and wellness book publisher that publishes books from thought leaders around the world. Celebrity Press® has published books alongside Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy, Dr. Ivan Misner, Robert Allen and many of the biggest experts across diverse fields. CelebrityPress™ has helped launch over 1400 best-selling authors to date.

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