Academy of International Dentistry Fellow, Helps Golfers Improve Their Handicap

Dr. Don Shaw, partner and co-owner of Bess & Shaw Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, says that checking for sleep apnea in golfers and treating those who have it could improve their golf game.

Beaumont, TX, June 23, 2016: Partner and co-owner of Bess & Shaw Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Don Shaw, DDS posted a new blog on his website entitled, Your Dentist Could Help Improve Your Golf Handicap.” Dr. Shaw admits right away that, “ You may find the title of this blog to be a little outrageous. Or it might be believable if you play golf with your dentist and he or she is a terrible golfer!”

don shawShaw goes on to say, “Seriously though, your dentist could help determine if you suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), and as a result of treating this condition, if you have it could help improve your handicap!”

According to Shaw, “Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a form of sleep-disordered breathing and is a clinical disorder that affects roughly 4% of the population. It prevents deep sleep and causes drowsiness, crankiness and lack of focus.”

 “So, if you consider yourself to be a serious amateur golfer,” writes Shaw, “what lengths would you go to in order to improve your handicap?” He adds, “Most serious golfers will go to great lengths for even a minimal improvement.”

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About Dr. Shaw

Dr. Don Shaw graduated from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio in 1981. Prior to dental school he attended Texas A&M University and Angelo State University.  Dr. Shaw has been practicing general dentistry and orthodontics for 34 years. He has been in the Beaumont area for the last 13 yrs. Since he began practicing dentistry Dr. Shaw has kept up to date in all areas of continuing education.

He has a passion for mission dentistry, serving in Peru and throughout Mexico. Dr. Shaw is a member of state and national dental organizations and has served as a delegate to the Texas Dental Association, Peer Review Chairman, and a board member of the Dental Society of Southeast Texas.  In 2008 he was inducted as a Fellow of the Academy of Dentistry International for the advancement of dentistry worldwide. He has been married to his wife Peggy for 41 yrs. and has two grown children and two grandchildren.

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