A Blog Discussing Reasons For Hope For Taxpayers In An IRS Dispute Has Just Been Published By Nick Nemeth, A Dallas Tax Attorney

Nick Nemeth, the Founder of The Law Office of Nick Nemeth PLLC, explains that there are ways for taxpayers to move forwards.

Dallas, TX –June 4, 2014 – Nick Nemeth, the lead attorney at The Law Office of Nick Nemeth PLLC, has written a new blog entry for his internet web portal in which he identifies several reasons that taxpayers should not despair while facing an IRS dispute. The blog, titled “There is a Light at the End of the Tunnel: Stay Optimistic Despite Your IRS Controversy” encourages taxpayers and provides important information.

Nick Nemeth writes, “The last thing that any taxpayer wants to face is an IRS dispute. That’s a given. But the truth is that, no matter how bleak your situation may seem, you do have options, and there is reason for optimism. In this blog entry, we’re going to highlight three specific reasons for optimism. However, please keep in mind that resolving your IRS dispute requires action on your part – the problem will not go away on its own. Please contact us today to learn more. Now, three reasons for optimism despite your IRS controversy:

1) A tax lawyer can get the IRS off your back. One of the most stressful aspects of an IRS dispute is the constant harassing phone calls, threatening letters, and intimidating in-person visits. It’s enough to drive most people crazy. But when you work with a tax attorney, he or she can actually negotiate with the IRS on your behalf and put a stop to the harassing calls and letters. This simple step can go a long way towards reducing your stress levels!”

Nick Nemeth’s Law Office is located in the city of Dallas which is where he and his team provide proven tax resolution services. They work hand in hand with people and business owners to alleviate the harmful impact of IRS controversy. Click here to access the blog on the internet site. http://www.dallas-irs-tax-help.com/blog/there-is-a-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel-stay-optimistic-despite-your-irs-controversy.php

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About Nick Nemeth:

For Nick Nemeth, IRS problem solving goes well beyond saving money for his clients. As a tax attorney and business owner who has practiced law for more than 15 years, Nemeth runs the Law Offices of Nick Nemeth, a small boutique tax law firm located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The firm works to help individuals and businesses overcome their IRS problems.

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