70 Days Left to Play “Entrepreneurs Fun Game” at Davidsbarter.com/Entrepreneurs

Best-selling author and Internet marketing expert David Leopold set to give away twenty-four 2013 “Managed Optimized Bandwidth Subscriptions”

Orlando, Fla. – October 22, 2012 – Today, David “SmallBizDavid” Leopold announced there are 70 days remaining to play the “Entrepreneurs Fun Game” at davidsbarter Community (davidsbarter.com/Entrepreneurs). Twenty-four “very optimized very Google-ized” Community Landing Pages will win 2013 “Managed Optimized Bandwidth Subscriptions” worth $599 -$1599.  The game will continue until the end of the 2012 calendar year.

“SmallBizDavid” explained: “We developed the game so that Entrepreneurs who wanted to Start a New Small Business (a “very optimized very Google-ized” Community Landing Page) could do so very simply and very efficiently.  Our Landing Pages are built to meet today’s challenges of “Social Marketing Social Network Technology”.  I have about a dozen pages that generate high margin, highly profitable, daily Cash Flow.”

Here’s how the “Entrepreneurs Fun Game” works.  Players register at davidsbarter.com.  They then develop their Complimentary Community Marketing Profile, which consists of six fields of “optimized” Marketing information—no “private” information is asked.  Small Business Key Words, essential to drive “Managed Optimized Bandwidth” to specific landing pages, are found inside davidsbarter Community.  2000 Small Business Key Words are found in

“SmallBizDavid” ‘s book “How Do You Answer These 749 Questions About Your Small Business?”  A Complimentary PDF download of the book is available upon Community Registration.  Another 1000 Small Business Key Words are found in the 376 YouTube videos that SmallBizDavid has produced and published on the davidsbarter Community Bulletin Board.

Once the Community Marketing Profile is established, a Landing Page can be developed.  The best example of a Community Landing Page is found at davidsbarter.com/SmallBizDavid

“SmallBizDavid” said “I’m having lots of fun generating lots of Cash Flow on my Landing Page; unfortunately I cannot win one of the 24 prizes!”

Players will enter in the following 8 “Sociographic” Classes:

●      Students of Entrepreneurship—Grades 6-8

●      Students of Entrepreneurship—Grades 9-12

●      Students of Entrepreneurship—Universities and Colleges

●      “Baby Boomers” (born between 1946 and 1964)

●      Military Veterans

●      Facebook.com/smbiz

●      LinkedIn/Small Business Barter Exchange

●      Twitter@SmallBizDavid

“SmallBizDavid” explains that there will be three winners in each of the 8 classes.  “A “winner” is determined by which landing pages generate the most Cash Flow.  First prize is a 2013, 400-day “Managed Optimized Bandwidth Subscription” worth $1599; second prize is a 200- day Subscription worth $999, and third prize is a 100-day subscription worth $599.

“Really, every player, is a winner, as the game will generate Cash Flow for everyone—just in time for this Holiday Season!” “SmallBizDavid” added with a smile.

About David Leopold:

In 2004, David Leopold began to develop his current Small Business Model embracing the Business2Business discipline under his “Dreaming With Entrepreneurs” brand.  Nearly three years ago, he began to build The David Leopold Network Community, including http://www.DavidsBarter.com focused upon simplifying the Marketing/Technology of Starting A Business.  SmallBizDavid has evolved as the DavidsBarter “avatar”. The SmallBizDavid Foundation, LLC has been formed and will be accepting 10,000 Charter Lifetime Members.  The SmallBizDavid foundation will get 10,000 New Businesses started; each of those “Entrepreneurial Ambassadors” will be charged with “mentoring” 10,000 New Businesses to be started. David is also a best-selling co-author of the business book, Counter-Attack: Business Strategies for Explosive Growth in the New Economy for which he was honored with a Golden Quill Award from The National Academy of Best Selling Authors™ in 2011.

Davidsbarter and SmallBizDavid have now achieved the “top spot” in Google Search Rankings.

To learn more about David Leopold, please visit http://www.DavidsBarter.com

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