14-Year Old New Jersey Twins Have Just Signed On As Producers In The First Season Of Ambitious Adventures.

ORLANDO, Florida – July 28, 2016 – Luke Edmund Shanks and Ariana Marie Shanks, twin 14-year olds from Bordentown, NJ have just signed on to be producers in the first season of a new travel reality show, Ambitious Adventures.

The twins were given this opportunity when their mother, Beth Ann Shanks, a local entrepreneur and founder of the Speech Academy, decided to take the twins out of traditional schooling this coming year to allow them to experience the world in new ways. While keeping up with their core subjects, they will travel and learn from doing things in the world of entrepreneurship.

Untitled designThe show, Ambitious Adventures, is the creation of Greg Rollett and follows Greg and co-host Brandon T. Adams around the country as they find the top young entrepreneurs in the country who are making their community a better place to live, work and play. The show is scheduled to start filming in August and is currently being funded in part thanks to a Kickstarter campaign.

Beth presented this opportunity to her kids after talking to Greg on the phone and seeing it as an opportunity to get her kids involved with other young entrepreneurs who can act as role models and a support system for their own eventual ventures.

I want my kids to see other young people who are creating things, inventing things and making a real change in the world, despite their young age”, stated Beth.

Currently Luke Edmund Shanks loves developing his ideas and creating virtual businesses by writing business plans, implementing its steps, sending out job descriptions, interviewing candidates, and hiring other players to make it all happen. He has also recently just built his first computer.

Ariana Marie Shanks already has all the talents needed to take over her mother’s successful speech therapy practice, even at just 14 years old. She has a sharp, scientific mind and couples it with amazing communication skills, which she uses on multiple social platforms on a regular basis.

The shows Executive Producer and Co-Host, Greg Rollett, stated, “I was really blown away when I talked with their mother, Beth, about what she was doing for her kids. I started my first business at 16 and would have loved any opportunity to really go behind the scenes and see how real entrepreneurs were starting and running their businesses. We are honored to have them on board as producers and I can’t wait to meet them at the show’s premier in February.

During its first season, Ambitious Adventures will travel to five cities across the United States to meet with 15 young entrepreneurs and community leaders driving the local economies and building a world they want to live in. The show is being hosted and produced by Emmy® Nominated Producer Greg Rollett, along with Brandon T. Adams. Nick Nanton, a 4X Emmy® Award Winning Director, will be acting as the show’s Supervising Director.

To learn more about the show and the campaign that is actively bringing the show to life, visit www.ambitious.com/adventures.

About Ambitious Adventures

Ambitious Adventures is a travel reality show that focuses on the young entrepreneurs who are making a great impact in their local community and the economic stability of their city, their workplace and their customers.

Brought to you by Emmy® Award-Winning Director Nick Nanton and Emmy® Nominated Producer Greg Rollett, Ambitious Adventures is the flagship TV series from the Ambitious Media Group, a company dedicated to helping 1,000,000 young people start their own business before the age of 30.

The executive team at Ambitious Media Group has spent the past decade building an influential network of personalities, experts, Best-Selling Authors®, musicians, online celebrities and Hollywood influencers who have agreed to help promote the show.

If you want to be one of our featured entrepreneurs and promote your business to a global audience, visit www.ambitious.com/adventures.


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