“ROI Guy™” Richard Seppala Showcases His Services to America’s Top Dentists at a Mastermind Meeting with Ed O’Keefe

Richard Seppala, known as the “ROI Guy™”, recently attended a meeting with elite dentist coach, Ed O’Keefe in Chicago, Illinois, showcasing his ROI marketing tracking system.

Elite dentist coach,  Ed O’Keefe, recently held a mastermind meeting in Chicago with the country’s finest dentists.  One of the attendees was Richard Seppala, a.k.a. Your ROI Guy™.  The Dental industry is one of the largest groups of businesses that utilize Seppala’s marketing tracking system.  Your ROI Guy™ provides clients across the country with marketing tracking systems that puts the power and ease of ‘online’ precision results tracking on autopilot for offline marketing campaigns.  

In a recent article, Seppala wrote of his system, “Traditional or casual tracking methods are typically unreliable and often anecdotal.  While many marketing professionals have mastered analytics of the web and internet to track lead generation, the disciplined system to track and measure phone response rates have remained underutilized. The ROI tracking and measurement system easily quantifies and reveals a marketing campaigns effectiveness and return on investment.  This innovative system accurately and automatically provides the analytics to determine the effectiveness of your marketing response.”

At the Ed O’Keefe mastermind group in Chicago, Richard attended to further showcase the effectiveness of  marketing and the tracking system that he designed to precisely monitor the effectiveness of the marketing system primarily used in the dental industry. 

One of Ed O’Keefe top members, Dr. Lisa Peters with Sand Lake Centre for Advanced Dentistry, says that the combination of Ed’s marketing campaigns and the ROI Guy’s system for tracking such, has boosted her revenue at record breaking levels.  Dr. Peters says, “I had no idea how many leads I was generating from the direct response lead generation marketing campaigns until I added the ROI measurement system to track exactly what was working and what wasn’t.  I have reduced my marketing budget while increasing my ROI, and office revenue by over 30% in the last 3 months.  The ROI Guy has brought light to how effective the Ed O’Keefe Mastermind Marketing Tips really are.” 

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About Richard Seppala: 

Richard Seppala, also known as “ROI Guy™,” is obsessed with the question: “What is your return on investment for each of your marketing campaigns?” Constantly in search of the answer to this question, Seppala founded what has now become The ROI Guy in 2005.  The ROI Guy™ provides clients across the country with a marketing tracking system that “puts the power and ease of ‘online’ precision results tracking on autopilot with all of your offline marketing campaigns!”   

Critically acclaimed as “The Holy Grail of Marketing,” The ROI Guy™ Tracking System is just that, as there is no easier way to monitor the success or failure of ad campaigns, track marketing response rates, determine return on investment (ROI) and identify strengths and weaknesses of your marketing and customer service programs throughout your business lifecycle. 

To learn more about Richard Seppala, The ROI Guy™ and how you can receive the free Special Report “Your Income Explosion Guide:  7 Powerful Reasons Why Your Telephone is the Lifeblood of Your Business,” visit http://www.YourROIGuy.com or call Toll-Free 1-800-647-1909.



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